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Say me welcome :rofl: New seller here!


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Hello, Fiverr lovers!

This is Craftiehand. I’m a new seller and so excited being here. Er, I really felt a bit lonely on fiverr until I found the forum, honestly! Was reading the posts and friendly replies gave me the courage to introduce myself.

Do me a favor visiting my profile and gigs. I need your suggestion regarding my gigs.

Thanks in advance. Warm wishes from my side for your fiverr career! 🙂

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@glitchybolt, what has my name got to do with what I asked??? I perceive

jealousy and immaturity. Grow up, we’re both strangers.

Ahh, wouldn’t it better if you said my name is gold. Actually it sounds funny when you say you are gold.

Oh and maybe because of your such nice behavior and zero tolerance to jokes you are getting no orders 😉

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