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Newbie Tips On How To Get Repeat Customers who pay more


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Hello Folks;

I just wanted to share my experience here on fiverr on How to Get Repeat Customers.

It doesn’t matter the type of business you are in, online or offline, one thing is for sure they all work the same. Its great to login to fiverr and see that one order sitting there. What you want to do is leave a lasting impression on that customer so they will return and return to you.

There are a few levels on fiverr you can become - Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Seller. Your objective as a newbie is to get to Level 1 and earn that badge so you can unlock more potential earnings for your little fiverr business.

Now that you have taken into consideration my other post (you can read it here if you happen to miss to it! http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/12075/newbie-tips-on-how-to-make-your-gig-popout#Item_53 )

Any order that you receive, you will want to make sure you OVER DELIVER. Provide your customers a lot for $5, even if you think you may be giving too much away, because when you reach Level 1, you can change ‘everything’. The feedback you receive will be very important to getting repeat business later. So make sure you give them more than they expect. Once you get to Level 1, you have now opened a new door to possibilities that is going to start earning some good money, so all that hard work you felt may have been worth more then $5, you can now start to feel like you are getting paid decently.

I am a Level 2, I worked very hard to get there and have a 100% rating. My focus was to provide more then they asked for. This was for a number of factors, 1 - Cause I wanted GREAT feedback and 2 is I wanted repeat customers who will pay more when I get to my other levels. By doing so one of my weeks I made over $800 just from repeat business and utilizing my extras well.

Level 1:

Change your gig slightly. You will have the ability to provide “extras” to your customers, in fact you can offer up to $20 for each extra. So start to think, what can you use from what you have been already over delivering on in your extras to help increase your earnings? I will give you my example so you will have a idea how I have done it. I split up my services, so what customers were receiving for $5 I now broke up my services into extras. So now I could offer them a basic FB cover as the $5 gig and then offer the matching profile image for an additional $5. Before I was doing both for $5, now I am getting $10 for the same work. I moved my gig from 1 day to 3 days and added a “extra fast” fee in there for those who wanted it within 24 hours. Guess what? they will even pay for the extra fast services! True!!

Level 2:

Once you get to Level 2, You can offer up to $40 per extra. This is where things get really interesting, I made sure my gig extras were really used wisely. Break up your services again by changing your gig slightly and offer them more in the higher extras area!!

Do you think people will pay more than $20 or even $40 on your gigs page? You bet they will. See you have started small and given big, you have received great feedback and now you can start to get paid! decently. This is your reward for hard work.

Some of my orders I have had customers buying ALL my extras, I can be making $70, $90 per order, and the buck doesn’t stop there, if your customers are really happy with your service, you will get repeat business and they just wont order $5 (some will, but that’s OK, cause it is always good right.)

If you provide REAL value in your up-sells (fiverr call them Extras) then people will see that value and they will pay. Sample is, I received a order the other day, not just one but two worth $70 each from the same customer. That’s $140 right there!

Just always remember think big and provide big. Give them everything in the beginning, then when you unlock those levels, break up your gig and use every one of those ‘extras’ to your advantage. Always give your customers a lot, what happens is, if they feel they received more for their buck, then they will keep coming back and back again with out a doubt and they WILL pay you so much more.

I hope you found this useful, please like this post if you found it useful and comment below!



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