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What to put in a postcard gig?


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I have been thinking to put a postcard gig out there, but what bugs me the most is what to put there.

I mean the postcard. Should I just send it empty or should I write something on it, or should I write what the customer tells me to do?

That is my most important question.

I already figured out how to name it and I found a video with it.

Thanks guys.

Sheriff’s Note: This thread has been moved to “Chit Chat”

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You need to look for the other postcard related gigs. Look here:


See what top rated sellers and 2nd level sellers or all the great sellers in your niche are offering. I don’t recommend starting a duplicate gig because that way you will not going to get any orders.

What you need to do is look for the things that all those sellers in postcard niche are missing. What is/are the thing(s) that those sellers are missing? And then make a gig based on what’s missing.

This will help you in getting lots of orders in shortest possible time.

I hope this will help.

Thank you.


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Many times, people will buy postcards for loved ones. Therefore, there’s not a message that caters to all…

In my postcard gig, I ask that buyers give me the message to write or occasion it’s for. Of course, most times, they buyers will automatically give you the message to put on there. =]

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