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How I manage the deadline when a lot of orders are in hand


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When I get a lot of orders and it becomes difficult to maintain the deadline of all the orders, I follow a simple trick. I use Todoist to manage all the orders.

  • When I get order I just add it to my todoist work list
  • I add a SMS reminder in Todoist around 2 hours before the delivery time.
  • Then I start working one after another according to the time of delivery.
  • Now when any order needs to deliver, Todoist sends me a SMS reminder before 2 hours.
  • Then I check the status of the work done and deliver.

Since I have been using Todoist Reminder to maintain the deadline, I have missed the deadline rarely. You all can use these type of reminder to maintain your delivery time.

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Thanks for your insight! 🙂

I simply use Fiverr’s todo-list and work my way according to the delivery times. I always check the Fiverr app at least 3 times per day to make sure I’m on schedule if I’m doing something else. But the SMS reminder seems nifty! Whenever I have to remember something important, I ask Cortana to remind me 😂

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