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How do you market your gig?


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I’ve been asking a lot of other sellers in here how do they get buyers rolling in, and the answer was quit the same. Sharing your gig on Social media.

Now here’s the thing, I have now three orders since I created my gig. (1 completed & 2 in the Queue) But they all came from me offering my service on buyer’s request. I didn’t get any buyer from simply searching my gig or from social media. Even tho I share my gig on different groups on Facebook that allow doing this.
So my question here is, how do you market your gig on social media? and where? I know that there’s a lot of groups on Facebook don’t accept that, so where do you market it without giving a negative feedback about your gig? Please write the platform you market your gig at & specifically where.
Thank you for your precious time.

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Besides from the obvious places…
I doubt people are willing to spill the beans or share their secret honey 🍯 pot publicly, especially with their competitors.

Type #UPYOUR in the forum search field, you’ll find a helpful series to help you.

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