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  1. I received an email today saying video testimonials are no longer permitted on Fiverr 😰. Spokesperson videos are still OK though.
  2. Checking in from Seoul. Things seem fine here…for now!
  3. You could find the link yourself, or at least say “please”. Furthermore, you need to complete 50 orders in 2 months. Looks like some of your reviews are more than a year old.
  4. I thought the clock stopped once you delivered an order. I recently delivered a gig on time. However, it took about another 2 weeks of the buyer and I to proceed with the revisions (long story). I delivered it way past the original due date, and I never got dinged for a late delivery.
  5. I’m not in the market for the gig you offer, so I wouldn’t know. However, you offer 30 hours of work for only $25? I would probably be concerned about the quality of that work, honestly. After Fiverr’s fee, you’re working for 0.66USD an hour (less when you factor in Paypal’s fees, and anything lost in conversion). That’s insane.
  6. I think this is a silly question. I buy more often (and for much longer) than I sell here. I don’t really have a preference based simply on the seller’s level. It depends on the seller, their gig, profile, communication, etc. Some might be hesitant to trust a new seller, but I think most people would be willing to risk $5 on a new seller to see if it works out or not.
  7. Are you talking about your Live Portfolio? If so, you need to make sure it’s turned on. The buyer has the option to either post it or not.
  8. Has anyone even confirmed what ‘Fiverr’s Choice’ is?
  9. Eh- considering you only have 9 reviews, and 4 of them are less than 5 stars, it might be how you are dealing with the customers. If you’re not getting the information you need, perhaps you aren’t asking the right questions. Maybe focus on your communication and customer service skills and see if that helps. Edited to add: reading over your gig descriptions, I am not clear exactly what you offer. You state “for $5 I will design the site to fit your needs”. I would instead write down exactly what you offer at this price. You have 1200 characters to use in your gig description, no need to keep it short.
  10. In that case, why would anyone have a $5 gig? Everyone would post high prices in order to get those customers. And just because a gig starts at $5, doesn’t mean it’s not a quality gig. Besides, when searching, buyers can already filter by price range. If they want to avoid $5 or $10 gigs, they can do that.
  11. It would be nice if there was a “from” location and a “currently in” location. I’m American, but living in South Korea. Although I explain right off the bat that I’m teaching English here, I always wonder if it looks a bit shady to buyers. I also travel a fair bit, and I notice that the time will change based on where I am, but it doesn’t match the country that is listed as that doesn’t change.
  12. Your gig looks cute! If I think of an occasion, I will purchase from you! 🙂 It looks like there’s only one other person selling a similar service here. However, she is charging only $5, while you are charging $10. If I were you, I would lower my prices until I got a few reviews under my belt. Also try editing your gig tags. Maybe be a bit more specific in your title and description like “I will do a ventriloquist video to say happy birthday” or “congratulations on a new job” or something like that. Have you advertised your gig anywhere? I would also dump the logo gigs. Seems a bit random with your other gigs. Best of luck!
  13. The only way to ensure that your idea remains confidential is to build the app yourself, and tell nobody about it until its released. Since that’s not feasible, you’ll need to find someone you can trust. As @jonbaas said, you’ll need to take some time to find someone who you can trust. Find somebody with good reviews that you feel comfortable with. Due diligence, and all that.
  14. It seems many people would be happy to have your problem. Lol. Are you using a VPN? Have you verified your phone number?
  15. As the other poster said, contact customer support.
  16. I think, to add to this, we all know that there are unethical sellers on Fiverr. If I see a seller with poor grammar and spelling in their gig descriptions, but they have great reviews, I suspect that they might be taking advantage of tools helping them to plagiarize material. I don’t think this has anything to do with the seller’s country, as much as it has to do with how they present themselves. I wouldn’t go to a dentist who had bad teeth, and I wouldn’t hire a writer who can’t write.
  17. Congrats to you as well! For me, the journey from new seller to Level 1 was more challenging than Level 1 to Level 2. Continue making new gigs and experimenting with what works. You might be surprised. For example, I am an expat living in Korea. I created a gig offering to help plan itineraries and basic trip planning stuff for Seoul, as I’ve lived here for a number of years. I have had a few people order those services, but what was unexpected is that many more people contacted me from that gig asking me to write articles for different things related to Korea, and teaching English abroad. Those have actually been quite profitable. I never would have expected there to be a market for such services. Also, invest a bit in your gigs. I take some of my Fiverr earnings and purchase gigs from other sellers to help make my services more attractive (blog posts on their blogs, graphics, etc). Good luck!
  18. Glad to help! This forum is such a wealth of information. They should charge a fee to access it 😛
  19. It’s literally impossible to predict. You could get a buyer today… Or perhaps in 6 months. Are you sending out offers on the Buyer’s Request section daily?
  20. Welcome to Fiverr. What have you done to advertise your gig? Why not create more than one gig? Have you considered charging $5 until you get a few reviews? Maybe try using a picture of yourself as your profile pic. Include a video of yourself introducing your services. Good luck!
  21. I’ve never heard this. Are you sure this is true?
  22. Same dude messaged me. I told him my advice is not to spam people, or else he will be reported. I advised him to post on the forum, which he did. I think he probably messaged a ton of people who post on the forum.
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