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How to get your first Job! or How to Bid on Project


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Greetings Hope all are doing well. This is my 2nd article here and I’m going to help you that How to Write a Good Proposal That Wins Jobs!! As If your proposal isn’t crafted well, it won’t get you jobs.

1- Keep your proposals short
2- Capture the client’s attention fast
3- Add your samples to the beginning of your application

4- Tell the client that “Why should I work with you” (Talk about experience) (Mention your excellent feedback (if you already have some) (Mention the number of projects you have worked on so far)

5- Be professional and friendly

If anyone has any question then feel free to ask, I will feel pleasure to help!!


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I am New on Fiverr. I send buyer request . But get few response. I’m working on web dev field. I don’t know how to write a actual proposal.Can you help me?

Just talk about how can you help the client. You don’t need an actual proposal. Include how many years of experience you have in the field. You can also direct the client to the profile page. Sometimes the buyers request in getting work doesn’t work that much. You can advertise your gig in social media and this can help to get a response.

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