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  1. You can share other social media. Best is Twiter. And also linkedin. Thanks
  2. No problem. Because most of the people use shared IP.
  3. Welcome to fiverr forum. Hope you enjoy this. thanks
  4. you are most welcome. best of luck. have a great journey with fiverr.
  5. Follow seller’s gig that already created. and search gig by your category. thanks.
  6. share your gigs on social media, forum, bolg etc. spend time in fiverr forum and read instructions. thanks
  7. Welcome to fiverr forum. Please read fiverr blog and forum gig creating topic.
  8. Increase impression. Share your gig on social media, linkedin, Forum etc. use good seo keyword in gigs. Make attractive gig image.
  9. You can share your gig via social media and also different types of forum.
  10. Welcome to fiverr Forum. Hope you enjoy with our big community
  11. Sorry dear. you can’t change your username. Thanks
  12. After 2 months break, i opened my fiverr account. And without buyer request send, i got 5 orders at a time. Really i love my buyer and also FIVERR. Thanks Fiverr, Thank you so much.
  13. Payoneer and fiverr email must be same. I think NID is not a big issue
  14. Thanks …but the problem is they are messaging from different accounts.
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