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Hi,i am Mizanur form Bangladesh. I am a Graphics Designer.My hobby establish as a Graphic Designer .I will make Business card, logo design,Photo editing, Photoshop,and vector tracing and more.

Hello to all!
I am sending order to buyers since last 15 days but still can not get any order and I am really disappointed by that.when i checked my gigs statistics it shows 88 impressions , 5 clicks , 33 views .Need help and suggestions from all.
Thank you.
Mizan/Graphics designer
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Expecting orders without doing anything to earn them isn’t a good business choice. What are you doing to promote your gig to your target customers? Do you know who your target customers are? Point of fact, your target customers are the only people who will make your gig successful. Figure out who they are, research where they are located, and then go to where they are and tell them about your services.

Fiverr does not guarantee that you will have sales, just because you have a gig. If sales are lower than you want, then go find the customers that need your services. Building the success of your gig/services is your responsibility.

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