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Hi people!, I’m a gas engineer and during my 20 years in the trade I finally found an opportunity to make my stamp on the industry. Basically, whenever we service boilers we have to scroll through the manufacturers instructions just to find the information required to carry out our tests. Sometimes the customer has lost the instructions so we have to find them online. Anyway, I started collecting this information from over a thousand manufacturers instructions and put it in a table on Microsoft Excel. (I bet you app developers are cringing now!) I’m sorry but Excel is what I’m used to and The table is searchable. I’ve been using it for months and it works, I can service 3 times the amount of boilers.
I would like to publish/sell this table as a simple app on IOS and android.
The App need to be quick and simple, you choose the boiler manufacturer, then choose the boiler make, and the app displays the information from the table, that’s it, I’m not wanting anything fancy, just simple like us Gas Fitters like to be.

The only thing is, there are new boilers that come out every year, so yearly updates would be required, and I would like it to be a yearly subscription for the customer.

If anyone has got any approximate costs or would like to throw some ideas at me for the creation of the app, I would be over the moon.

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