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Looking for music composers


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I have few tracks which i have recorded using audacity now i wanted to add background music to it which is original and never used by any artist or music composer.

I am searching for music composer or music director to order $5 gig.

Please tell me if you find any music composer or music director gig on fiverr.

In new fiverr layout i couldn’t find what i am looking for thing which was there in old site so posting the topic here.


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It is easy to find sellers to add individual intruments to your tracks, and they can be found by searching on terms like orchestra, violin, strings, brass, trumpet, etc. But they generally look to be charging per instrument per track, so that would bust your stated $5 budget - unless each track might only need a few extra intruments.

I have noticed 1 seller who offers to start from your semi-finished audio track and add various instuments as needed - but he also looks to charge by the minute of finished music, and might also have a sliding scale on how much he could/would do for $5. See him at http://fiverr.com/marvenis/add-orchestration-to-the-first-minute-of-your-song (If that link is a violation of posting rules then delete it and don’t blame that seller. I don’t know him at all - just noticed his gig.)

It might help if you gave at least a general description of what your tracks currently include. Then a potential seller/collaborator could better judge their interest level and their possible fees. And technically, it might be harder to match your pre-recorded instrument’s pitches in some cases.

Instruments: piano, guitar, drums, vocals, spoken word, etc.

Length: If someone is being asked to provide a service on a per-song basis, they probably want to know how long each song is before quoting a price.

Style/Genre: pop, country, rap, …

Format: Would you be able to send your Audacity session files as-is for sellers who can or will keep working on it in Audacity, (which you could then re-tweak in the future), or just mixed down as an MP3, WAV, etc.

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shalwan said: Still cannot find music composer.....


If your current situation is that you can't find which section of Fiverr lists composers, then here are some links for places to start. Fiverr has decided to use the word "Song" for all music writing, even though many people recognize a difference between songs with vocals and instrumental music without vocals. So look in:


Custom Songs (and custom instrumental music) http://fiverr.com/categories/music-audio/custom-songs/#layout=lists&jls_sca1239_1_auto=1


Songwriters (and instrumental musis too) http://fiverr.com/categories/music-audio/songwriting-jobs/#layout=lists&jls_sca1212_1_auto=1


Custom Sound Effects (and misc original audio) http://fiverr.com/categories/music-audio/sound-effects/#layout=lists&jls_sca1217_1_auto=1&jls_sca1217_2_auto=1


If you take an hour to browse those categories you WILL find people offering the skills and services to do the job you are seeking, but probably not at the rate you indicated in the first post.


If you think about it in terms or time versus money, how much time would it take even a great musician to add tracks to your music? Let's estimate a single three minute song, and you already have piano, guitar and vocals. (Of course, that is just a wild guess, but we need to start somewhere for this example.) And you want someone to add more instruments to backup and enhance what you already made. So, let's assume that this song needs drums (two to five more tracks at three minutes each?) and brass or woodwinds (two to six tracks at 3 minutes each) and strings (1 to 10 tracks at 3 minutes each) and maybe even background vocals (one to 3 at 3 minutes each), more or less.


So, even though this is just a wild guess, each track potentially has the need of getting someone to add between 3 and 15 additional tracks at 3 minutes each just to play them straight through. That doesn't even include the time it would take someone to listen to each track and learn the flow, decide what it needs to be added, then do it instrument by instrument. (And getting the plan approved by the buyer.) Even getting it right on the first pass for each instrument means at least an hour or more per song, and probably double or triple that. Add a little more time to re-mix and master the final results and a seller could easily be investing 2 to 5 hours per track or more for a $5 gig and getting paid $4 per song.

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