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Why is my Gig not being posted?

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Hi I wondered if anybody could be of assistance. I’m new to Fiverr and eager to get started. I recently completed drafting my Gig, all descriptions and required fields are good. Two Issues have come up:

  1. My video is still pending moderation. Am I right in believing this process should only take 24 Hours? It’s been a week since posting it… Also, I have not been sent any message to suggest that my video has content which could be prohibited, which it doesn’t anyway, just to clarify.

  2. When I press the option to publish my Gig it tells me ‘‘Your Gig was successfully created and will be published shortly’’. I have also been doing this for the past week, however, when I click on My Gigs in the Selling tab, it is still informing me that my Gig is still in the Drafting stage…

Does anybody know why this could be happening? Can anybody provide any assistance?

I really want to get active on this site, but at this rate I may consider switching to another freelancing website

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!

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