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Why Buyers Get Frustrated At Sellers


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I buy and sell on here, so with that being said let me give other sellers some perspective on why some buyers get upset.

I wrote in the requirements what I needed done (they’d answered my buyers request so they knew what I needed ahead of time anyhow). I told them what to post (get THIS free HERE (link) ) and then wrote how to register with the sites and then post the links.

They write back two days later asking where to get the free stuff and did I have logins or would they have to register.

Dude the free thing is AT THE FREAKING LINK I POSTED and yes I specifically stated you’ll have to register, hence why I gave you registration information advice.

Buyers want you to read the requirements and not just glaze over it and ask things that we’ve already answered. Take some time and read what your buyer sends.

This has been your PSA of the day, lol.

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Well, I’m having the exact opposite problem: buyers not reading or completely ignoring my instructions and sending irrelevant or unusable info (e.g. their life stories which I never asked for).

So the same thing kind of applies to the other side: buyers need to take some time and read what their sellers ask for, or at least stick around to answer the sellers’ questions instead of doing hit-and-runs.

Hope this wasn’t too off-topic 😃

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Oh I know it goes both ways 🙂
I just wish people weren’t in such a hurry all the time.

“I need sales right now I just registered my account!” type attitude.

Patience, it really is a virtue. Read, understand, then ask questions. Don’t waste buyers or sellers time by asking things we’ve answered or already said. Confidence killers for sure.

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