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Will fiverr block me and my roommates accounts?


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I have had some success with fiverr and now my roommates want me to sign them up.however,im hesitating. at the same time, i dont want them to think that im selfish .im concerned that being that its my 3 roommates who want to be signed up and its coming from the same i.p. address, will fiverr block our accounts? I know that fiverr’s terms of service states that users are permitted only one account. i respect this and i dont want them to think just one user is creating all of these accounts.we all have our own paypal address by the way.

a friend that actually referred me to fiverr a few months ago, told me that his accounts was blocked because he actually had multiple accounts.he was even a high rated seller on one of them, and they took that away. Im scared,and I dont want fiverr to think that im doing the same.😕 help me out friends

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