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Seller is ignoring my last request


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I’ve worked with Fiverr sellers many times before, and usually have a great experience. Basically, this is not my first rodeo.
I’m been working on a project with a new seller, (at least they told me they were new) I’m fine with that, I’m patient, so as long as I’m clear with my request, all would go smoothly. I send written instructions, along with a video of clear instructions to modify the project correctly.

This last revision wasn’t what I asked for at all and up until then, I noticed the buyer would send the delivery, and then, say, “please accept delivery and I’m looking forward to a good review”. Hmmm? Fine, Let me see how the work is. Then I would send a revision because the details that I pointed out were not corrected. This latest revision wasn’t at all what I asked for and I felt like it was going in the wrong direction. So we were discussing in the chat box my concerns and what need to be corrected. Then they turned around and said “Why are you NOT accepting delivery today?” WTH? I just told this seller what I need to be done? I told him to check the revision request and I would accept delivery when It was corrected as my project reads now, it’s not acceptable because he changed the text in my project and I didn’t ask for that. Again, very clear instructions. Then he tells me he is frustrated with this? I fell like I’m dealing with 2 separate sellers, portraying as one seller.

I need my project to be completed and Now this seller is not responding to my request and ignoring my nudges. I don’t know what to do because this communication and dealing with this project has gone on longer than expected. And as the project stands now, I can’t use what he has provided because It’s not what I asked for.

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