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  1. Hello guys 🙂 Recently I’ve been using the ‘Available Now’ option and I think it’s a really great idea that needs a couple tweaks. The first time I turned it on it took me 6mins to reply to the client (the required reply was a little bit long) and i learned that I need to send a generic reply as quickly as possible and then continue the conversation once I’m in the ‘safe zone’. Although I like to avoid spamming the client with multiple messages and pack my reply into one message, this isn’t an option. Lesson learned 🙂 The second time I used it everything went fine, got a couple messages and replied within the 5 minute window. I continued using it for 2 or three more times after that. Now today, I turned it on and a previous ongoing conversation I had with a client made me lose the 5 minute window and got my second strike. To be fair, I was looking for the file she was requesting and had to make sure it was ready. I did not think this required a quick-spam-generic reply 😦 Since the conversation started last week and I’ve been communicating back and forth with this person, I didn’t think this will count as a missed 5minute window . Probably my last time using this feature because it stresses me more than it helps and I don’t even want to know what kind of silly thing I need to do to get my third strike 😛 Just my 2cents. Cheers,
  2. Hey guys, I just had my first late delivery 😦 Any ideas if the 72hours will be added after this 1 hour runs out? I don;t want the same order to be marked as late twice 😰 By the way, this all happened today, so the 3 days I requested should have been added like 4 hours ago. Cheers,
  3. I don;t see any advantage in having unlimited revisions 😕
  4. Hilarious. Some people need to start appreciating all the work anything art/creative related takes. It’s not like you just follow a set of instructions to come up with something new. I’d ask for more time/miney or wouldn’t move a finger if I were you 😛
  5. The painting palette? Well I don’t know anything about photo editing and I downloaded this software that puts a water mark in the picture 😛
  6. Exactly! Not just on Fiverr, calling any customer request funny is too dangerous to your business. Even if we find any request funny we ought to make it serious 🙂 Well, if I request is serious there’s no reason to make fun of it, regardles of it being funny or not. I’m just talking about stuff like this: Requests that are clearly not serious or professional. I don;t see what’s the problem, I find some of them are really funny and of course if anyone finds it offensive I won;t be posting it. Although, that one is pretty funny 😃
  7. I got a new one 😃 I think he is trying to sing a song?
  8. This is one from a few days ago. He is definitely not the best but you might be interested 😃
  9. Well, we could edit the picture out and just show the text.
  10. I see some hilarious stuff on the buyer requests each day. Is there a place to share it? I’d like to see what other funny requests people see in their categories. 😃
  11. Now I can see the button but the suggested gigs won;t let me press send… I’m having a really unlucky day 😛 Any ideas? Should I report this to CS?
  12. Thanks! I usually don’t send offer but this request was interesting. Cheers!
  13. I had to make the message shorter just to get a chance to click the send button 😃 But I won’t be able to read any further replies unless I use my phone 😡 .
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