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Fiverrcast (Podcast)

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? Guide: Get your First Order

Are you new to Fiverr? Are you desperately willing to start off? Are you still waiting for your first Gig Order? You are at the right place. This post should help you immensely, I am sure. Not to dishearten you, but to give you a heads up, let me...

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BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?

Buyer Requests (BR) is FOR BUYERS to request custom offers from Sellers. (see Key Terms etc. in following link on what is a buyer, a seller, an order, an offer, a gig etc. and memorize them - it´s easier to get correct replies on the forum when you...

Reading time: 6 mins ? Likes: 542 ❤

Use the search feature… There’s plenty more.

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We welcome you to the Community. You can get good tips by visiting the Fiverr tips.

Here are few things you need to do.
You need to create a gig. Second: do SEO for the title. Third: use eye catching thumbnails and make friendly descriptions.

If you create a video of yourself explaining what you can do then I can say that it will help you boost your Fiverr gigs more.

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