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Some Tips about Buyer Request Section!

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As it is clear from the name that Buyer Request is a section for Buyers to Post and Sellers to Offer his/her services.
As usually, we are seeing that some sellers are posting and offering his service. It’s bad and against Fiverr TOS too.
It’s al about the misunderstanding of new sellers who want to promote his services. We have to know that buyers only posting in there not visiting.
If you posted then there will be only who will reply to your request which will be of no benefit.
When I was new to the Fiverr about a few months ago, all of the orders I was getting were from buyer request section.
In the case of sending offers to the buyer request; first, check and read out the request post over all. If the services the buyer is asking, relevant to your services. Then send the offer. We mostly see new sellers saying that I got Negative Review from a buyer. That’s the reason that becomes over confident or thirst of getting urge him to offers him services. When failed in delivering, then buyers will off course show his/her expression in the form of review.
So, before sending offers, check if the request is relevant then send him to offer in a professional manner. Use professional words for text. Must include a link to your work sample which has a positive impact on buyer while selecting hiring seller.

Note: Sorry if my English is weak 🙂


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