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My Stories with my unique Buyer


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Well, since i open my gig for public,i got a lot of order from fiverr buyers,but i have some special stories a specialy from one buyer i have.

Like we know,my gig is for painting potrait with clear and colorful original potrait,and not for blurry and black and white potrait,untill the buyer come from me and send message in my inbox,first she said," wow ewiskan,i love your work,and really interested to order your gig,i have a high resolution picture for this,and can’t wait for you to work with"

With smile 🙂 i replay their message :

" Hi,thanks for your message,yes sure with my pleasure i will paint your potrait :)"

and she make Order for me, ( I’m happy with that ! 🙂 )

but you know,what potrait she send it to me ?? she send me very very very low resolution potrait,where it have black and white picture and very many noise on that,and its look like very Old picture 😦

See the Original picture below :




In one minutes after i get this order,i send message to resend me the new picture with colors potrait and high res,and she said "oh ewiskan,i’m really sorry but i just that one,please work with this,my dad is die for long time,and only my mom i have right now,i love my mom and want to make their happy with this photo"

You know what i think in my brain ?? i’m really stress lol

i thinking how to make thic picture will be more good,maybe with colors or anything,until i replay message for him and said "if you really want,i try to help you,but really i can’t guarantee this picture will be like my sample,since its very hard for me to find some detail and shape from this picture,i don’t know the result will come,but i will do my best for you to make your mom happy with that"

and i start to work with picture,you know,its spend 14 hours in 3 days for me to complted and do my best for this picture, and here is the Result :



That is my maximum i can do for this picture,I delivered the order,and she and her mom really happy with this 🙂

I’m so Glad i can help my buyer to make her mom be smiling after see this picture,but from now,i really don’t want to paint black and white picture and low res,because its make me really stress and forget to shower lol.

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