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  1. If you are beginner, then I think you should choose one animation software and learn from beginner to mastery paid course. Nowadays many softwares for animation is performing well in animation sector and OfCourse you will be distracted but you will have to stick only with one software. First of all, you should go for paid course "beginner to master" to avoid distraction. After completed the course you should practice, and you can also learn new techniques from YouTube or paid courses and refine yourself. As per me Adobe After Effect is great animation software for starting point. After that you can learn other as per your requirement. As per me YouTube should be second priority for beginners for learning any software.
  2. Great! I hope you will deliver great work. Always pursue the client's satisfaction. Only client's satisfaction will be main ingredient for your future success recipe.👍🙂
  3. Hi Friends, If buyer is asking for source file (that is not included in ordered gig) without paying extra. If I am denying then buyer is threatening for cancellation, in this case, what will you do? (This is not current scenario, I have faced this in past, I just want that how other sellers are handling this kind of situation.)
  4. I don't think so, but it May be, I think, we should be aware about the issue like customer experience or gig quality so that we can improve it in right way. It will be very helpful for seller.
  5. Yes I am totally agreed. Seller should have knowledge about the reason so that we can improve in this case.
  6. Yes, I think you are right, it can be a valid reason.
  7. Hi Friends, All my clients are happy with my service, and everything is fine but suddenly I got a message that Your gigs are not promotable (unqualified). Can anyone suggest how to cope with this situation?
  8. Ok. You mean We should tell anything whatever policy or anything in own content. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Oh ok. But if someone can't understand where the issue is, then what things will encourage them to write new knowledgeable posts.
  10. Ok. But Nothing was against the fiverr in that post and also not received message from fiverr about the deletion or any reason. After two days that was happened. Did you face anything like that? I just want to know about it for knowledge.
  11. Hi, I created a post and now showing this error (You do not have permission to view this topic.) Error code: 2F173/K Can anyone help about it? What happened with my post and what should I do to get back the post? Thanks!
  12. I really support this policy. but there is one problem, I received many matches where sellers' asking for a job instead of a buyer project match. I think it should be scanned and also should spread awareness that this is not for sellers, it is only for buyers for posting the project. What's the opinion of all of you?
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