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  1. Very happy to see your succses brother! keep thriving like this ❤️
  2. Happy to see your success brother! I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep smashing milestones like these in the future!
  3. I think that the life of a seller has become more and more hard after the recent updates. The recent update favours the buyers by all aspect and to be honest they are somewhat hursh if I look from a sellers perspective. Even now if you give your absolute best service, there is still chance that you won't get you desired rating and the client will leave you with a negative feedback.
  4. My question is I can't always just refresh my gig and look after it as it gets tiresome after some time. So, how does fiverr actually detects whether I am active or not? I mean what is the algorithm or what is the requirement? Do they track my mouse movement or keystrokes? Or does just refreshing the tab also counts as being active on the platform itself?
  5. Be careful next time about what you say to the customer in their inbox as TOS violation can disable your account without any prior notice. Also, I do think that the new level system is broken.
  6. I think fiverr requires a lot of patience from the new sellers. I have seen some people who were not even old sellers and didn't have any reviews in their profile included in the first page. So, I don't think that fiverr will only promote old sellers as new sellers are also important for fiverr without them the company won't surive as most of the people who are looking for services in cheap price won't actually get anone.
  7. Congratulations brother. I hope this is just the start of something great. I hope you will keep on climbing the mountain of success. Best of luck brother.
  8. I would suggest you that you should share your gig in social medias and also try to do proper SEO of your gig titile and description to rank your gig higher.
  9. Welcome brother. I hope you find success in here.
  10. I loved our gig images and I think they are astounding. I believe that you can share your gig in social medias to increase organic traffic and lead them to your gig.
  11. 1) Create SEO friendly title. Try to include your main targetted keywords within it. 2) Optimize you gig description and pricing segment by including your keywords, 3) Also try ton include your prior experience in the description and your work experience. 4) Try to include keywords that are low competitive and comibine them with some high performing keywords. 5) Share your gig's on social media to gain organic followers.
  12. Congratulations brother. I hope this is just the start of something great.
  13. That is one cliche way to drop down the actual price of the projejct just by giving false hope that we will be their long term client. Actual people who have the intention to offer long term contracts normally don't end up saying things like this staright forward.
  14. Welcome to fiverr forum. I hope you will have a great community experience in here.
  15. Just make sure that you do proper SEO of your gig and specially the first image of your gig should be have proper SEO.
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