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  1. This is fun! I love my Lenovo Laptop - I only use Word and Excel, so I don't need anything fancy. I also use Grammarly Pro and Copyscape every day.
  2. Wow, I wish I had more buyers like you! You seem like a sympathetic and caring person. I am a seller here on Fiverr and have been here for almost 4 years. In those four years, a lot has happened in my personal life. My daughter has been diagnosed with epilepsy and has been hospitalized twice, a dear friend died from Covid, and I had a knee operation. I also had the usual small ailments that everyone faces: the flu, headaches… My point? Life happens. BUT - it should not mix with business. As a seller, you are here to provide excellent service and only that. Your buyers should, as a rule, not know about your personal life. If you cannot deliver due to a personal reason, it is ok to ask for an extension - but only once. I think you’ve done more than enough in this case. Your seller is not professional anymore. It is within your right to cancel the order and get someone who can do the work.
  3. I would suggest you first contact the buyer again, stating this: Hi, my revisions cover anything under my delivered order. Unfortunately, you are requesting a whole new project. I’d be happy to help, but can I please update the order with $20? (add your amount) If the buyer says yes, you go to the resolution center at the top of your order page, and it will lead you through the steps of extending and updating the order. If he says no, you say nothing to him but state your case to customer support. The case is clear-cut, so they should side with you. Leave me a message if I can help you more. The buyer should not exploit you like this!
  4. I can’t for the life of me remember exactly where(?) - but I’ve read somewhere that using keywords anywhere on your site is always a good thing. Perhaps this is what you meant, @vickiespencer? I also agree with you about the mini-ad. Often a buyer’s review is vague, although it might be positive. Your reply can highlight what you did and in what way. It is all about a positive buyer experience, but if it also can help you rank, why not do it? What do you think, @frank_d? Am I totally wrong? Fiverr 3.0
  5. There are enough information here on the forum, if you care to dig a bit deeper. Go the the ‘search’ function and dive in!
  6. It is good to see you back! Have a wonderful year.
  7. One of the only Westerns I actually watched (the one with John Wayne, not the remake), and I really enjoyed it. So, I am sure looking forward to watching the rest of your recommendations if they are just as good! Thank you! 🙂 EDIT: Okay, today has been full of strange messages: I have delivered a proofreading to a buyer who complained when it hadn’t been delivered after 14 hours. The delivery time stated was 3 days. Now, he is blaming me for his Shopify store not getting any new sales in the two hours since I sent him the file. I have never had such a crazy buyer. He is also claiming to be a self-made millionaire. I have also had a buyer ask me to translate 700,000 words for him. I quoted him $40,000. I haven’t heard back. :rofl: I love this! We need more people like you.
  8. Please don’t accept his cancellation request if he sends it. Just see it as a game - you’ve worked for your money, you are entitled to payment. No matter what tricks he has up his sleeve, you keep on refusing to cancel. Don’t write off Fiverr Support completely. Sometimes they do decide in favor of the seller. Your write-up here sums up the whole situation very well - tweak it a bit and use it to contact Fiverr support if things go south. Best of luck! Let us know what happens.
  9. I am the buyer. I left price blank I never indicated that I wanted to negotiate price. $5000 is rather high for a 500 word article, even for huge corporation. This is such a great thread, @gina_riley2 I live on a farm and at the moment we have a gang of five dogs, each with its own personality. My favorite is Jacob One-Eye (There’s one blog for you just about his the origin of his name). He is a small, black, pavement special and he absolutely loves riding at the back of my husband’s truck. I see this is an old thread actually - but I would love to hear the outcome. Did you find someone for your dog blogs in the end? Regards Helena
  10. I think it is ok to block them then, after you’ve told them you can’t help?
  11. Hi @misscrystal - it happens to me too! It can be very frustrating, especially if you are busy. Some buyers ask many questions, and then they never order. BUT - I’ve had people asking questions who became regular buyers. So - I guess it is a toss-up! Some you win, some you lose. Usually, I answer questions up to a point. Then I propose that we do a ‘sample’ paid-for gig - so that the buyer can see if I am what he is looking for. I politely ‘stop’ the flow of questions by telling the buyer that I am willing to work with him, but I am quite busy. It’s either we get to it, or we don’t. Genuine and professional buyers will see your point. If they don’t, you are better off anyway. It is up to you to take a (polite) stand!
  12. This is an interesting thread. I totally agree that life happens. My little girl was diagnosed with epilepsy last year, and we are struggling to get the meds right to get her seizure-free. I was just in hospital this week again with her for a 24-hour observation. Even so - it is NO excuse not to communicate with buyers. I usually find buyers very accommodating and kind - IF I talk often and openly. It also helps to schedule your work in such a way that it leaves room for the unexpected happening. I was able to deliver two projects from the hospital room because of this. My point? Communicate! In my opinion, what the seller did here was unforgivable. If you had 20 days (that’s almost three weeks!), you absolutely can’t leave the job until the last minute. If a problem popped up, you HAD to tell the buyer as soon as you become aware of it. There is no such thing as ‘too much communication’ (except, of course, if you tell the buyer what you had for breakfast and what your cat is doing). I am talking about short, to-the-point messages in a polite way that give an update of how the order is going. Everyone appreciates that.
  13. This is such great advice! This is what the Fiverr forum SHOULD be about. Congratulations on your success!
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