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  1. yes, you can use. if you deactivated your old account. .you have the right to use it wherever you want if you created that images without copying. . thanks.
  2. how to join. and when this feature will be available?
  3. Why fiverr can’t add calling feature? it’s messy to communicate through chat for complicated projects. Every clients want to talk directly to seller? . add you suggestion below? . thanks.
  4. its not a bug. and will not affect your profile. if you delivered order on time. it is the total order… in short don’t worry . it will always happen. . thanks.
  5. everywhere on social media, Fiverr sellers are discussing about Fiverr new Logo, most of them are suggesting that the Previous Logo is 10 times better then new one. what do you suggest?
  6. i have already set order requirements to mandatory .
  7. i have two orders with our order requirements from couple of weeks and one order was placed yesterday, can you please suggest what is the best way to handle this issue. . thank you .
  8. hi i hope you all are doing well… i am here to discuss about the custom offer Interface… to be honest there is very small space to write proposals… you have to scroll up or down which increase the chances of errors in your proposals . it would be great if the custom offer interface is upgraded to something interesting like other freelance platforms… . what’s your opinion regarding this ,? . thank you. Abdullah.
  9. i just noticed that i am unable to send buyer requests because of NO OFFERS LEFT BUG… … if anyone else facing the same issue comment below please… thank you .
  10. Hi mark … submit a ticket from your order page visiting Resolution Center on top right corner of your order page. . . you can also submit here :https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/ thank you .
  11. Hello Everyone i am here to suggest that a key factor of success on all freelance marketplace is Effective communication . we all know that by Good and powerful communication we will be able to deliver a message more precisely to our buyers, . . . . . . In most cases the language barriers leads to misunderstanding or alteration of messages, which increases the potential for conflict… . . . In such situations where conflict does arise, effective communication is a key factor to ensure that the situation is resolved in a respectful manner. we also know that Learn from fiverr is offering a different skills courses for sellers but i think the most important is your communication …your are nothing without a productive communication Therefore i would suggest fiverr to launch a Effective Communication Course … … i would greatly appreciate it if you kindly comment your valuable suggestions below. learn from fiverr :https://learn.fiverr.com … thank you so much
  12. there are two ways … deliver the order or wait for the reply … few days back i have two active orders with one buyer .he disappear for 14 days…and i am demoted by fiverr …
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