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  1. I think you were doing a good job, because Fiverr is de-ranking the same people who are making good money.
  2. In May my gigs were disappeared by Fiver, three months have passed but my gigs are still not shown
  3. what s the method to remove warnings from the Fiverr account?
  4. In my experience fiverer is removing gigs of sellers who have good buyers and good earning. What do you think about this? Why is Fiverr doing this? And how long will it be resolved?
  5. same to you. but we will do just waiting
  6. I have no bad feedback. I have 24 five stars feedback and one 4.9 star feedback
  7. I had 3000 impressions. Now it is decreasing to 130. And are decreasing day by day
  8. How long after your gigs were reshown? How long after your gigs were reshown?
  9. Fiver has removed many seller's gigs from the search feature. Here are the sellers whose gigs have been re-shown after being removed and how long it took.
  10. My gigs status is active but not showing in search feature.
  11. Do you mean your gigs are not showing for 2 months 😌
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