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  1. My success score since February is 4. I have done 10 jobs but still, my success score is not increasing. No impressions and no clicks. Almost every job with a five-star review is getting tips. Currently, I have an order running but I don't see any progress.
  2. My Success Score is now 4 because of the new Fiverr update. Earlier my gig used to be on the first page but now my gig is nowhere to be found and the promoted one is also closed. Got a message from Fiverr last night saying they will activate promote my next for 30 days but my promote option has not been activated yet. Now how do I promote my next one?
  3. I am a level 2 Seller. Since February 14th all of a sudden, my gig is lost rank and now there are no impressions and clicks. what can I do to get back to the previous state?
  4. Do you see 4.8 after entering my profile?
  5. What is the reason for coming to two places? My profile rating is 4.9. But why is it showing 4.8 on the dashboard since evening??
  6. I am a level 2 seller. My rating is 4.9 earning 2000$+, and repeat buyers are all fine. But I want to know the reason why my success score is 4. I do not understand this reason. Advance Thank you.
  7. My success score 4.I am a level two Seller and I have no bad reviews. I am not satisfied my success score.
  8. I am a level 2 Seller. After the Fiverr update arrived I noticed that my seller's level of performance was very poor. That's why my success score is also very low. I have read Fiverr advanced tips on how to increase gig score. But I notice I do these things yet I can't figure out why my score is so low.
  9. I am a new seller. My gig impresson/click on fiverr was 1.1 k/14.But now matter doing gig marketing and my impressions/ clicks are down to 700/9. I am active 18+ hours. What do will increase my gig impressions/ clicks???? Any one help me.
  10. How can I work to achieve seller and buyer satisfaction???
  11. How can I work to achieve seller and buyer satisfaction???
  12. Before the launch of Brief on Fiverr, I used to get buyer requests/messages every day at my gig. But since the launch of the brief, I have only received 2 messages. No more messages. So does my service brief not match? what can i do now
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