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  1. I am buyer and do not have a seller's account here. I have no problems in buying the services from new sellers. The only issue is when as buyer I am forced to differentiate among honest, bragging and boasting sellers. I bought some services from all kinds of sellers. Some believed they are not less than God especially in the field of SEO. None of them were able to establish their so called magical skills.
  2. Hi @vickieito I am a frequent buyer. You know the key issue here is when two people do not know common language. I try my best to convey the requirements in best possible simple words. Latest I engaged with one seller from Belgium to provide me Food Videos and Recipes. What I got is the copied and pasted recipe from a site and link to YouTube video of 2020. I paid USD $10 for this work. I did not accept the delivery. On the other hand, I offered similar work to a seller from Sri Lanka, the seller did fantastic job in creating something unique for me and offered me brand new never used content with all copyrights. I would not blame anyone here. I think these are translation issues and language barriers. I will definitely get the team sooner or later all built with the finest individuals here. Best Regards - MS
  3. Overall Experience is great. I get my job done all the time. Sometimes I have constraints on budget and I am forced to choose the new sellers or sometimes I am providing the seller their first order. Sometimes sellers ask me ridiculous questions like I am trying to sell them something. I remind them I am offering the work. I like to work with people whom I can trust as copyright material is big issue for digital products. But once we trust each other then everything is super easy for everyone.
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