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  1. It depends on your service category, but you can start with 5$,
  2. How going your Fiverr freelancing journey?
  3. stay active and marketing your gig through social media.
  4. Display name will help to know the seller's identity. who is working with us just like that. nothing more. and it's editable
  5. Exactly I am facing the same issue. there isn't any permanent solution it's up's and down process. and optimize gig and proper gig marketing will help us to increase our gig impression and click. thank you
  6. image isn't big issue... profile's full name and same NID must.....you can change image and then verify by own NID
  7. 550 by 370-pixel is best... best practice is search on google then create
  8. no problem ... Fiverr optimize your gig and then gig will be active
  9. you can use LinkedIn. twitter, and quora, and blog site
  10. to rank your gig you have to marketing your gig through social media.
  11. Yes it's Fiverr new feature and Fiverr is going to be user friendly day by day
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