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  1. @Kesha Since the price is included in the delivery, how about you show the customers what sellers actually get for themselves? This would be top notch transparency when they are evaluating our prices. For them to know that 1. We don't have control over the fee that Fiverr puts on top of our pricing (something that many clients have complained about because the price they pay is different from what they say) and also show out cut without the 20% fee that the platform takes, so that they are aware of how much we are actually getting. That would be transparency right there if they are going to judge our prices.
  2. I still do, too, but it's unclear what will happen to Seller Plus / Seller Plus Premium and I would really like for them to address this.
  3. Yes, I have seen that, but I am Seller Plus Premium, and it is unclear whether or not I will maintain this with Seller Plus Premium or not. I have a success manager that doesn't answer e-mails or answers super late and who has a habit of cancelling my appointments so it's not that I am paying for the perks of having a virtually absent SM.
  4. @Kesha This question is very important to me, since how I arrange my finances would be affected by it. My success manager is not responding to it. I really need an answer about this, please.
  5. The questions do entice lower ratings. Value for money is the worst of them all. I have had repeat clients that have bought from me for years begin to rate 4 in the value for money metric, despite leaving tips and glowing reviews. It is preposterous.
  6. @Kesha Could you please clarify if members of Seller Plus Premium that are not TRS will lose 7 day clearance and Early Bird with the new system? Ever since Seller Plus Premium came up I have counted on these two features (that are actually the most useful in the program) and I need to prepare since this will affect my financial planning. Thank you.
  7. Hi @Kesha 🙂 There's a thing that I've noticed and it is that people don't usually read, they just click. I have seen this with people not fulfilling the requirements as requested and then complaining, and lately I have received several good reviews of 4.7 in which they have marked every possible option for "things to improve" which I don't think is what they meant (It makes no sense that I have a 4.7 and that they say in the review how satisfied they are with everything and then that "things to improve" has every option under the sun marked). Maybe this needs to be highlighted? As well, I have very good ratings on my best sellers and it says that client satisfaction is negative and strongly negative despite the gigs having a 9. I don't understand any of this. Could you please elaborate? Thank you!
  8. It looks like level 2 sellers are going to be losing the ability to get funds cleared in 7 days as well as the early payout option which is... Well, difficult after having relied on 7 days clearance for years. I have qualified for TRS for ages and it's not coming. I get "negative impact" and "strongly negative impact" on customer satisfaction in my best sellers that are consistently rated 5, 4.7, 4.5... I don't understand anything right now.
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