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  1. You can do social media marketing for this will be help
  2. NO....if you want to change in your gig then you can delete the gig ....then upload gig again
  3. Don't be Sad baby ...delete your gig ..again upload .you have give good keyword research ,image etc.
  4. If you a new seller then you will not get too much buyer request When you will get few orders then you will see more buyer request Hope this information will be helpful for you💖
  5. Same here level 1/2 sellers are also not getting orders ....we have to be patience
  6. You have to be Active in online as much as you can . it will helpful to get orders. and you can do also social markeing Thank you 💖
  7. If you do contact with that buyer through the fiverr It can be a problem. I mean if you share any socai link
  8. You can say to your client for cancel this buyer request If you cancel this Order iT will effect in your Profile Thank you 💖💖
  9. Most Welcome in fiverr forum community
  10. hey brother, You can give me some tips about buyer request so that I also can get an order it will be helpful for me Thank you 😕😕
  11. Yes, Being online this is play an important role in our gig .Because When the buyers will apply the filter like Online sellers Then your Gig will be shown in the first page or others page. There are very chance to get Order if you active in online Thank you 💖💖💖
  12. Not Now ,I Think you should complete more orders than if you change the price of your gig hopefully it will not create any problem
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