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  1. 10 features of freelancers 1. Buyer Work is more than anything Think important. . 2. They sleep and wake up at 7-8 in the morning 11-01 in the morning. . 3. Their main saying is, “Money Can Buy Happiness " . 4. They are like tigers for 8-12 hours continuously To sit in front of the PC You can. . 5. They live without food 1 minute without butt net Can't stay . . If you give them coffee while working When coffee is served that becomes sherbet They don't even know themselves. . . They are usually calm in nature. . . Their mobile never charges Does not exist. . 9. If they do any work then Understand that the world war is on their side Can't . 10. Any special on any occasion They work all day long
  2. It hurts to be cheated somewhere. The way to survive is to pay attention to what you have learned from it. Hate him. First of all, I would like to tell you not to listen to anyone's sweet words. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find trustworthy people, especially in the virtual world. And if a person doesn't see good behavior at first, then if he sees good side first, then of course he has bad side too, so consider his bad side and how bad it is, then believe him.
  3. Next to one of the economists on the train There was a young man sitting. There was a look of concern on the young man's face. 3 After a while, the two of them became acquainted. At one point in the conversation, the young man told the economist ... Young man: I got married 6 years ago I did. My wife loves me too In love I also have a 5 year old daughter. I have achieved enough success at work. But 1 year ago I met a beautiful girl and we fell in love with each other. Economist: What do you do now? Young man: I want to divorce my wife. However, we have not yet made a final decision. I am very worried. What can be done, you say? Economist: Hmm ..., It is really difficult to choose between the two. But if you analyze the economy, your problem can be solved !! Suppose you ... solved a difficult problem for your boss. Now he wants to give you a reward. He gives you two rewards Asked to choose one. You will be given 5 lakh rupees in cash. Or, 6 lakh will be given after 2 years. Which one will you take then? Young man: Of course I will take 5 lakh rupees in cash. Economist: Why? Young man: Who knows what will happen after 2 years? There is no guarantee that I will get the money after 2 years. But I will be given 5 lakh now. Economist: (laughs) You are right. Similarly, in the future, there is no guarantee that the beauty will love you as you do now. But you know for sure how much your wife loves you ... The young man, realizing his mistake, embraced the economist with great emotion and cried ...
  4. Client satisfaction is one of the top priorities of every freelancer. When a freelancer provides services to his clients, he naturally has a goal that he can fully satisfy his clients with his work. But it is often seen that despite giving the highest effort, the clients are not satisfied with the service. They may ask you to redo the whole thing, or you may want to redo a specific part of the job. Again in some cases, the client is so unsatisfied that he does not even want to make the payment. I don't want to read any freelancer in such a situation. Honestly, such things happen to many people all the time. But there are many, especially those who are new, who can't decide how to handle clients in such a situation. The impact of which later fell on their careers. So today I will share for everyone how freelancing should handle unsatisfied clients. I hope everyone will read the whole article carefully. Who are unsatisfied clients and why do they need to be handled properly? Clients are basically those who take various services from freelancers for a certain amount of money. For example: graphic design, digital marketing, web design, etc. related services. The main source of income in the freelancing sector is through providing services to these clients Those who are happy with this service are called Satisfied Clients Satisfied clients are generally repeat clients. Unsatisfied clients, on the other hand, are clients who are unhappy or unsatisfied with the services they receive from freelancers. They may not have the quality of the service up to the mark and sometimes some parts of the service do not meet their needs. In my opinion, it is not uncommon to find clients of this type. However, if these clients are not dealt with properly, then you may have to face various problems. For example, we all know the importance of repeat client or ideal client in freelancing business. Now if the client is not satisfied with the service for any reason and if you can't handle the matter properly, then this client will not come to take the service from you again. Not only that, these clients will not even recommend you to their acquaintances. This will increase the possibility of reducing the number of clients. So you understand how important it is to handle unsatisfied clients properly in order to survive in the freelancing sector. How to handle those who are not satisfied with the service? As I said before, many times even after trying my best, satisfaction does not come from the client. Freelancers have to accept this at the beginning of their career. Because what seems perfect to you may seem imperfect to clients. Because the definition of perfection is different for every human being. So it is more important to focus on how to solve the problem without worrying about why the client is not happy with the service. So now we will talk about the most important part of today's article. That's exactly how a freelancer can handle an unsatisfied client. In my opinion, when a client informs that he is not happy with the service, the most important thing at that moment is to stay calm and keep a cool head. Never warm up when you hear that the client did not like the service. Because it is both rude and unprofessional. Instead, try to communicate with him as calmly as possible. Politically admit your mistake. This will help you understand exactly where the client's problem is. It is often the case that something new can be learned from the client's dissociation. So, considering all aspects, it can be said without any doubt, it is better not to talk to the client with warm head. So take some time before talking to the client, it will be possible to communicate effectively. I think it is necessary to talk about another issue just to talk about effective communication. That is, there are many freelancers who do not want to discuss in detail with their unsatisfied clients exactly where the problem is with the service they provide. This is a big mistake. Because if you do not discuss with the client in detail, but at the end of the day you will not be able to provide better service. That's why you should always try phone-calls, video calls or e-mails - whichever way you communicate, discuss exactly where the problem is and where it needs to be revised. After talking to the client and when it is clear that the service provided to him is exactly where the revision is needed, start working accordingly. In this case, if you do revision work without additional fee, then you can do it. There are many freelancers who do revision work for the services they provide without any additional fees. If you have provided the service yourself, you can revise and re-deliver according to the client's demand without any additional fee. But if it happens that the work will be much more complicated to give the revision as per the demand of the client or you do not do the revision work without additional fee, then inform the client about it in advance. So that he is aware of making this extra payment. It is best if you can do this through a return document. You can also inform the client by e-mail or phone call. Then don't forget to take feedback from the client by revising and delivering as per the demand. Always remember, feedback is very important in freelancing. Just as positive feedback helps increase work motivation, so too can negative feedback. So you must take feedback from the client I would like to say one thing about dealing with unsatisfied clients. That is, once the client has been revised and the service has been re-delivered, but if the client repeatedly asks for a revision, then it should be fairly certain that he is not interested in taking the service in any way. In that case, if you want, you can refund a part of his payment if it is in your freelancing business policy. And if the amount paid is non-refundable, you must also inform the client. This will not create any misunderstanding and the matter will end without any hassle. So that was today's discussion about handling unsatisfied clients. I would like to say to the new and old two types of freelancers, if you face this kind of situation, never question your skills or feel less skilled than other freelancers. Remember, people make mistakes. And you can learn something new from every mistake. They are successful in life who can learn something from their mistakes. So if the client is not happy with the quality of your service, consider it as a learning opportunity. Try to develop yourself more. You will see that as your skills develop at the end of the day, you will also be able to increase the growth of your business.
  5. Enjoy life in the right way: When the age is over 40, the highly educated and the less educated are all equal, even the less educated are earning more. When you are over 50, black and white are all equal, no one thinks about who looks beautiful, who looks smart. When you are over 60, it doesn't matter if you have a job in a high position or a job in a low position. Not even a peon looks at a retired boss. When you are 60, your big flat, big house is not a matter of pride, but when the house is big, it is difficult to maintain it. If you have a small room. When you are 60, you have money, even if you don't have it. If you want to spend money, you will not find a place to spend it. When you are 90, sleeping and waking are the same. You don't even know what to do when you wake up. When you are 100, it doesn't matter if you survive or not. The people of the world no longer think of you. That is the meaning of life !!! Nothing more !!! What is the benefit of so much pressure ??? Just think for the hereafter. Learn to enjoy life in the way of Allah from your own place, use the time, you will see that both this world and the hereafter will be beautiful for you.
  6. What is the reason for Fiverr account wanting to login again and again these days.
  7. It's been a few months but I haven't received any order. What can I do now? Should I wait now or take another path?
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  10. please share you r gig twitter and linkedin or pinterest..
  11. I am a new seller in Fiber I work with WordPress and eCommerce. Currently I can't find a work. Many adults have been told why I can't get a work. They say the work of WordPress is very little they say to learn coding.
  12. At present there are a lot of sellers so the work of freelancing has decreased a lot.😶
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  15. Someone tell me how to do gig research. And how to open the gig to get the order.
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