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  1. Wow that's lovely comments yeah cause some Bayer are like that thanks for the info
  2. Oh wow WONDERFUL good to hear that wish you all the best
  3. Well what would I say although I am a new seller I have not received any order yet I but it all good 👍 On God and thanks for asking remain blessed
  4. Thanks for the great information I appreciate your comments
  5. Following he or she up like they customers relation is a vital part of the business
  6. All u need to do is stay on Fiverr every day at least 8 to 10 hours and also share ur gigs on social media joined the Fiverr group on Facebook Twitter and try to visit this forum each time so to lean that which you no nothing about thanks
  7. Make sure you send layer request every day at least 10
  8. Congrats 👏 that's the spirit just keep the ball rolling happy for you
  9. Hi u need to be effective and spent more time on Fiverr I think it would help
  10. Wow wow wow nice and lovely information I really appreciate that thank you very much
  11. Oh wow I never know that thanks for the info,
  12. Good luck and may God grant ur heart ❤️ desire
  13. To write a proper Bayer request read carefully what ur client requests then you will know what to write and how to give he/she what dey demand thank you
  14. Every services here, are important just be patient what ever you want u will get it thanks and good luck 🎲
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