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  1. Nothing is happening bro, even now I am in loss if I dont get any orders and might have to quit business 😦
  2. This is not a gig rotation, it seems more like profile rotation, no matter how many gigs you make all of them would end up on the last page as if fiver does not want specific sellers to get orders no matter how well they perform. I am facing same issue since 30 days and if I create new gigs they end up on last page as well.
  3. Some sellers added video to gigs and got some orders through buyer requests and after 1 week they were back, you can also try this i just added video and now waiting for old clients to give me orders.
  4. @designerguysl @hamzachohan I am going to make these changes tomorrow. I talked to 3 sellers and have been following few others; their problem was solved after adding a video and making very minor changes in the title and description.
  5. Fiverr is also trying to break some deal with search engines and social media giants for the promotion of gigs, maybe they are running test for now. I heard that from TOS.
  6. Do you have only one gig lost or all of your gigs?
  7. well since al the gigs fell so it means your account is down so it will take some time and then get back
  8. Perhaps you were using promoted gigs feature? That is causing problem. It will take some time but it will come back
  9. ! cancelations and 2 late deliveries. It has been over 20 days so I hope it gets fixed soon
  10. I was selected by fiverr and I used that option but 15-20 days after using this feature my gigs are no more promotable and unqualified. At the same time all my gigs are on last page of online sellers and even if i create new gigs they will remain on last page. I don’t know what to do now 😦
  11. Well, I’d use it anyway. Are you also facing the same issue and did fiverr help you with that?
  12. Hey guys! I used that feature and now my gigs are down and dead and I am unqualified for that feature.
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