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  1. I delivered the file again, still shows the same. Do my buyer get the files?
  2. Hi, I just delivered a file to my buyer but still the "count down" is going on and status shows "in progress" instead of "delivered" Need help.
  3. Hi I don't see a block option on their profile, they are keep sending messages
  4. Yes, I politely declined their project but they are forcing me to do this, I think that need to block them.
  5. Really strange right? They can't show me anything about the files but they want me to edit it I was like 'what??' 😁
  6. In that contract they quoted that *unlimited revisions *They have the right to cancel the order if they don't like the output.
  7. She is a new buyer, I don't see any reviews in her profile. She made that account on June.
  8. A buyer came to my inbox through 'buyer request' and she explained that she want a professional video editor to edit some of her projects. After that she sent a contract form to sign. I was wondering.. why? She is saying that she could only reveal more about the project only after the contract sign. Is this a spam? I'm really confused. Please help.
  9. Why do you decide to delete it? Which Fiverr forum tip gave you the idea to delete your current account and create a new one? I believe it's against Fiverr TOS.
  10. Yes, congrats. But you should expect some different buyers in the long-term. We can't satisfy anyone 100%, work hard and be patient. All the best!
  11. 1k reviews in 2 years? That's really a big achievement. I wonder how many orders you got. I'm sure you worked really hard, all the best for your future too ☺️👏
  12. Deliver it only through Fiverr and explain him how to check it's resolution. Don't cancel the order from your side. It will affect your account. You can contact customer care only if you want to cancel it, but I suggest you to stay on your decision. Don't cancel it from your side. May be that's his drama
  13. I'm sure he is going to sleep well tonight, please avoid these kinda buyers, report it to CS asap!
  14. Thanks to everyone, for your valuable comments. I have some orders in que so I don't really have time for free work.
  15. The same thing happened to me 2 days before, I worked an entire day for the project, he asked me many revisions and I delivered him what he wanted. Then he asked for something else which was not even the part of order. I refused to do that. Atlast CC cancelled the order from their side, but now I regret it. I should have stick on the order.
  16. Yea they are asking a lot of sellers to do the same.
  17. Don't cancel it from your side, contact customer support ASAP
  18. That's a big achievement, can you share some tips to be succeed on Fiverr?
  19. They need free work and they are focusing on new sellers, never cancel an order from your side. Do if they need any revisions
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