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  1. You have mistake in your post. You have not choose the right category. Your important post very dangerous for this "Tips for seller" category.
  2. It is so better any for each account. So what needs is move it? May be its not good idea. Of course any reasons of Fiverr so it put in this account page.
  3. Thanks for your unique advice. although its possible. but what that's enough?
  4. May be, now all the buyer request are coming less. This is happening to me and some of my friends. However, it is a temporary problem. Different categories of buyer requests come at different time. So in my opinion, try yourself online for the next 7 days all the time. And try to understand when your buyer requests come. Hopefully this method will be the best for you. Thanks for all the Fiverr Forum community member.
  5. You prepare the right Gig as a skilled. Make Gig's banner attractive. Always stay active online and stay with Fiverr. Be sure to understand buyer request and sent perfectly.
  6. Of course, we should give the best service in Fiverr. It builds and strengthens the relationship between a buyer and a seller. Thanks
  7. Thank you for sharing such a great idea in the Fiverr Forum.
  8. Add the Fiverr Seller Assistant (Fivlytics) extensions to the browser you are using. Then you can the details of each buyer. Thanks
  9. Just being online all time is not enough to get an order. It is also possible to achieve this through proper communication with the buyer. And above all to prove one's skills to the buyer. Thanks
  10. In fact, I am not very experienced in this matter. I can expect some advice on this from the experts of the Fiverr Forum. Experienced vendors write it in a paragraph, or refuted it, or, step-by-step.
  11. Thanks for your advice. You are talking about five Keyboards, in fact there will be five Keywords or search tags. Okay no problem it could be a common mistake. Please don't mind. Thanks all
  12. Always try to stay online with Fiverr. Send buyer requests with proper understanding. Stay connected to the Fiverr Forum and collect expert advice. Above all, do not give up and give time. Thanks
  13. I did a job at first Fiverr. The balance has been credited to my account. Now I don't have a good idea about how to transfer the payment. I want some advice from the experts on which is best for payment transfer. Thanks all Fiverr Forum community member.
  14. First of all congratulations to you. I agree with you too. Truly a unique platform for Fiverr buyers and sellers. This is what we want Fiverr to be with us for ages.
  15. You will see this only if you pay attention to the Fiverr payment terms. Fiverr certainly does this for no particular reason.
  16. First you have to be patient. Must be associated with Fiverr most of the time. You have to inform the buyer about your skills. You need to understand the needs of the buyer and send the request. Of course your success will come. Hope you get the order. Thanks
  17. It is very difficult to get the first job in Fiverr. But getting the first order is like a golden deer for a new seller. But don't worry, Fiverr is always sincere with us. Try to convey the importance of your efficient service to the customer. And always stay with Fiverr. Thanks
  18. You have undoubtedly provided a lot of important information. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. So thank you very much.
  19. Many many greetings and congratulations to you. Hopefully Fiverr will definitely be with us.
  20. In fact, I think the buyer should understand the request perfectly and then send the requestor bid. And provide accurate details of the buyer's work when bidding. Because the buyer wants the perfect job is not him appreciated for yourself.
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