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  1. How many less than 5-star orders have you done?
  2. Welllllllllllllllll that's definitely their (Digidesign and Avid's) opinion. I have been using it for a SUPER long time, probably since 2002. And let me tell you it's been a rough ride. They had excellent marketing, even coining the term "industry standard" for themselves. I still use it daily, and it's basically the only one I do use on the regular because I'm so experienced. But that doesn't make me blind to the fact that every time someone else came out with a feature, Pro Tools stole it for the next release. Only since they moved away from the RTAS format of plugins has it been working the way it always should have, and even then it was a buggy mess until the last update to version 11.
  3. Here's my secret weapon. Mouth moisturizer. I've tried a few and the one that seems to destroy any mouth noise or clicks for me is Biotene brand Dry Mouth. I got "hooked" on the stuff when I was doing radiation treatment in my face and my mouth was super dry. My skin was too, I was falling apart like a zombie no matter the amount of moisturizing I did. But I'd since kept up with the Biotene because it's a life saver.
  4. An invoice is a receipt for goods purchased or services rendered - past tense. A quote or estimate is for giving an amount upfront. But either way, happy to hear you got it sorted. I do my own invoicing since a lot of my business isn't over Fiverr, but I can recommend you draw up a spreadsheet that calculates totals and the taxes you pay.
  5. Electric Light Orchestra is my all time fav. No country, religious, or rap music for me.
  6. I'm AWFUL. I got diagnosed with a non cancerous brain tumour in 2017, and they cut my face off (so that they wouldn't damage it with scars), removed the tumour through my forehead, stapled my face back on, and I looked horrible for 14 months. Then I got my strength back, went back to work mixing live audio, started a new job as an electrician so that I could have more time to start a family. Then late 2020 they said it had been growing back as cancer this time, so I've been doing treatments all this year and I swear the medication is worse than the disease.
  7. Not ha ha funny, but I just had a client who thought me recording a voiceover meant I was going to compile their video with my voiceover and mix the music in that they didn't provide. I also mispronounced an acronym they spelled out for me phonetically and then recorded themselves saying it right - which was how I said it in the first place. I re-recorded the line and then they were happy with it 🤷‍♂️
  8. Hello! Most days I get up, check my emails, then head on over to Fiverr to check the BR section. I get a reasonable amount of business this way. I live in Canada, but when I send my offer I'm not sure what currency things are displayed to the buyer are. For example, it will say that their budget is $6.67 CAD, Does that mean, if I'm going for their whole budget, that I should put in $6 or would that translate to me asking for 6 USD, which would be $7.69 CAD, or over their budget?
  9. I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
  10. Thanks, but that's not really helpful to my question.
  11. I was on the app this morning and pushed the withdraw button. It says I have to do my first withdrawal from my computer first, but I have done many already. Is this broken or am I doing something wrong? It doesn't really matter, I am on a computer so much there's no problem pushing the button there. I'm just curious in case I ever have a need for operating from the app.
  12. I however find it frustrating that the customer has the goods and they can't be bothered to push the button to complete the order in 3 days...
  13. I can't handle hearing "I'm bored" or "there's nothing to eat" any longer! Filming starts tomorrow, and even though we scheduled it weeks ago I'm scheduled a rainstorm which will definitely add to the atmosphere of the outside scenes (of which there is only 1...)
  14. Yeah I'll post it when it's done! So far we're happy with how it is turning out!
  15. It's been a weird few years with Covid wrecking everything - and children in my area were out of school for so long they all turned feral and were just getting back to normal when summer vacation hit. I have a 9 year old, and I wanted her to have a project to work on over the summer. We spent the first month writing a script for a horror film, and now we are getting ready to film it over 3 days. It gave me a lot of work writing the soundtrack, teaching her about lighting and cameras, and we even edited together some short trailers to get friends and family excited about it. We found a creepy doll next to the dumpster, and wanted to keep it on the cheap so we decided to use what we had available - the doll, and my apartment - as the main focus of our script writing. It's not bloody, most of the horror is implied rather than shown. The worst of it is finding cat fur everywhere and then realizing that one of the cats is missing... Anyways I think it's a great learning experience for her and maybe she will grow up to be one of those weird theatre kids! And if we do a good job of it then next year we will think about doing something bigger.
  16. I use Focusrite Clarett8Pre, it's beautiful. And Pro Tools software, because I have been using it for 20 years or so - I've invested too much money into it to back out now 😛 I like nice microphones and preamps and then use plugins for effects, because I figured if I'm going to spend the good money I have to cut corners somewhere, and having a fantastic starting point with a good input path just makes everything else so much easier than trying to fix things before you can work with them.
  17. I'm just wondering why? Is it just because you already have it and want more use of it, or do you think that this kind of thing could actually be put into your workflow?
  18. I'm just hoping I don't get a bad review for standing up for myself.
  19. I have EXTENSIVE experience doing ADR. And yes, it is very far from automated. The biggest thing that hampers a re-recording is trying to coach a different performance out of whoever is speaking. A bad performance can't be saved by redoing the audio. In many cases your audience might overlook poor audio if the content is engaging enough. The best way is to record the audio as closely as you can in regards to performance and vocal inflection, even if the timing is off. For example, on screen a man is running from police. He calls out to them, "You'll never catch me!" But the audio is recorded poorly. The wind was blowing right into the mic on set. It sounds like he is yelling into a jet engine. At the ADR session, the director is coaching the actor to give the same line, and he delivers it again and again but it's not working. And that is frustrating everybody because it sounds like it's pasted on to the action. No amount of saying "say it like you said it when we filmed" fixes the cheesy delivery. Me? I'd make the actor run a few blocks and jog on the spot while he says his line. And cover up any extra noises he may make with some traffic or street noise or something. Nailing the delivery as it was originally done is the main part of it. Timing is getting easier and better sounding to manipulate, so I really worry less about that side of things. When I do edit it together, I go slowly on a sentence by sentence basis. I also listen carefully to the rest of the scene and pick a mic that will most closely give me the timbre of the other material so it blends into the scene easier - I often am frustrated because nobody remembers or knows what mic they were using for filming. BUT at the same time, I am happy to use my talents to do the best I could for a Fiverr job, since I live on an island and it's not exactly Hollywood. I am upfront about what I can do if I am sent files recorded for ADR and just sync them up for timing.
  20. So I received an order to synchronize audio. As in manipulate time to match a video project. The download filled my dropbox with 101gb of random files not in any sort of order, and I was given an entire video project. Generally in this case, I am given a video file and some consolidated audio tracks or stems. I made my own stems using the video program, which was not part of the job, and took up enough time that it was already taking longer than it was worth for a order in this price range. Nothing was out of sync; the audio was all there and lined up to the terrible film (not that my opinion on it was asked for, but it was painful to watch on repeat.) I asked for clarification on what needed to be synchronized. Well, they wanted the background noise removed. No big deal, I excel at this. And then they wanted the quality of each scene to be consistent across the entirety of the film, but they had done a poor job of recording it! I did it anyways, and sent 192mb of audio ready to drop into the video editor. It was rejected because the mix wasn't right. But mixing wasn't part of the job description (neither was any of the other work I did.) Apparently it got loud in a few spots, so I dropped it down and resubmitted explaining that I would not be mixing this film. The order timed out and I got paid, but it left a real sour taste in my mouth, another professional trying to play dumb and pretend that they didn't understand common industry terminology. They tried to explain that they wanted the quality "synced" across the project... That doesn't even make sense. Oh well, it's over now so onward and upward!
  21. It looks like this, but often the requirements aren't filled out.
  22. When I send an offer for a buyer request, I get a message saying that the buyer has accepted the offer. But it would be great if the original request was included in the delivery so that I don't need to go looking at sent offers or ask the buyer "what was I doing again, and for what price???"
  23. I use it a lot on vocals to bring up the perceived volume and retain some of the dynamics. I also use it on different stems that I really want to "glue" together like if I have all my toms to a sub group or I want to squeeze the bass and kick together.
  24. I use an SM7b or an AKG C414 (most of the time - I have a lot of mics.) But if I have a job to do I could probably wire up a speaker to a mic input and use that. It's not always about the tools, and everyone's voice and jobs are different. My signal path is usually very simple - Voice/pop screen/mic/shortest cable I can get away with/quality mic pre (mostly Focusrite ISA828 channels 5-8.) I run that into Pro Tools and run a pretty straightforward signal chain. Subtractive EQ, De-Esser, Compressor, and then a second EQ for taste. I may or may not do parallel compression depending on the job.
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