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  1. sorry i don't understand what you mean🤔
  2. Thank you.. definitely i will do my best
  3. Hello everyone I completed my 1st step on fiver yesterday.. it took me two and a half months to do this.. I am very happy😀 I seek advice from experts on how i can do better in the future? Thanks in advance😄
  4. welcome to fiver community.. best wishes for you.. hopefully you get an order soon
  5. I really love the update look.. it's clean and awesome... Thank you
  6. I would advise you to contact fiver support team.. they can help you.. and please in future you will first see if everything is ok, then you will accept the file..
  7. Thank you for your tip.. But i think most buyer choose impressive portfolios ,, Yeah being online is good for new seller but it will not increase your sell unless your portfolio is attractive and professionalism..
  8. Thanks for back Fiverr forum and Fiverr . I think Fiverr marketplace is best among the world 🌎 welcome
  9. welcome to fiver forum… best of luck
  10. Thank you very much for share your experience
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