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  1. When I was open an account on Fiverr, I didn't research anything. Now I realize this is my fault. I want to change my name. Is this a good or bad idea?
  2. I have 3 gig. I got 4 orders in 5 months. I don't where is my fault. I stay on Fiverr more than 12+ hours. My all reviews are 5 star But I have no work above 15+ days.
  3. I complete four orders and I have no work now. In last 15 days, I don't get any order and massage from any buyer. 😁
  4. Yeaah....... . it's really special day for every seller.
  5. I think it's not a bad idea because every seller is also a buyer on Fiverr, So we can exchange our gig.
  6. I get 1 order in one month. my account age 4 month and i get 4 orders..
  7. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 order in one month.. congratulation.
  8. Thanks for your information. And I follow all these rules but still I don't get any work.
  9. Fiverr has an section to find buyer requests, You need to write a proposal application and describe your services, budget, time, etc.
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