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  1. @Kesha@Kesha can you please guide us what will be the future of the accounts that are flagged for location inconsistencies? Are we going to get banned from selling on Fiverr after 14 march? I have tried to ask same thing from customer support but they are not responding and marked my query as resolved.
  2. Customer support is not responding in the matter. They marked my ticket "solved" without even replying.
  3. The customer support is sending just copy pasted response to everyone. They are not talking about the future of the flagged accounts. Also they are not telling the exact reason for this ban, it looks like even they are not sure why our accounts were flagged! Customer support seems useless in this situation!
  4. Update! This is the the latest reply from customer support. It looks like even they are not sure about the ban if it was due to location inconsistencies or link to a banned account. This confuses me even more because I never got any warning about that. They also did not clarify about the future of my account. This new level system update has ruined everything and no one is happy about that.
  5. Same thing happened to me as I often visit my parents house and in-laws. I have massaged customers support and they are saying that I am permanently banned from participating in Fiverr level system! I am selling on fiverr for last 3 years and completed over 1900 orders with 5 star ratings, but it looks like all the hard work I did is going to waste.
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