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  1. Thanks a lot. I have applied but it shows I'm in waiting list now. Do you have any idea that after how many days they gonna except?
  2. Just applied for this. And they keep me on waiting list
  3. Yes. I was looking for that. And click to join. Do yiu know after how many days they will active this feature for me? Thank you so much for helping me out.
  4. Is there any way to apply for fiverr seller plus?
  5. Insha allah everything will be alright.
  6. A historical win for team Argentina. I am a huge fan of Leo Messi😍. He was outstanding in this tournament. I guess in bangladesh there are a lot of fans of Argentina then anywhere else. Leo, Your deserve it 😍
  7. Whenever you come up with a great idea about the marketplace, look at the profiles of other sellers in the same category to create gigs according to your skills. Why that person is at the top among thousands of people, what kind of image of that person has been used in the gig, how he has arranged his description, what kind of keywords he has used. After reviewing the above-mentioned topics, take a good note of them and analyze the suggested keywords of the topics you want to gig. Keywords that are relatively low in competition but have a good search volume, you can create a full gig by targeting those keywords. Don't go editing again and again after creating a gig unnecessarily. Here you have to test your patience. Try to stay online most of the time and do some marketing on social media that will help increase traffic to your profile. When you submit a proposal to the buyer's request, you will read the matter well. Never copy and paste. If you understand that the thing is a little late then read well then give the proposal. Whenever a buyer knocks on you, try to find out the details of his project and ask different kinds of questions so that the buyers are very happy and engaged. At the same time, you will be able to understand the project better. You should contact Fiverr Support immediately when you make a mistake or get into trouble. I have received maximum support every time I have contacted Fiverr Support. Stay active in the Fiverr Forum. By doing this you will get updates on various topics and find solutions to many questions.
  8. 2 days ago I have applied for Fiverr pro. Now I am level 1 seller in Fiverr. I am really nerves and super excited. How many days Fiverr take to review? I have provided information about myself and relevant business.
  9. Quote

    One of the biggest and most risky decisions of my life a year ago was to quit my job and build a career in freelancing.

    For the first three to four months I have been suffering from depression but I have been studying about the Fiverr Marketplace. Today I have been able to create a position of my own and I am constantly moving towards the pinnacle of my success. However, this journey was not so easy at all. Family and social pressures would push me away from my dreams,  because they did not have any idea about freelancing. However, I did not give up and I remained steadfast in my goal.


    What yours? 🤗


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