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  1. Exactly, this is a very good ratio actually …
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience ! It truly is inspiring and is confirming my own way of doing business, and that sounds very similar to yours !
  3. If I also may add from everything that has been told already : Do not accept a project that needs to be done in a hurry if you cannot guarantee the quality to be as expected in your gig description. Working in a rush can impact the quality of your delivery. If you cannot commit to it, better refuse it rather than chasing revenues at all costs. Usually clients asking for “I need it urgently” are most likely difficult clients right off the bat.
  4. You are absolutely right and I will do so ! Though my post was not aimed at getting help from others, but getting it noticed from moderators / Fiverr staff in order for them to potentially raise the issue internally. Hopefully this can be a way for others to relate and testify of their similar issue. Because in the end, if the " Report a bug " section of the Forum was not for such purpose and should be solely used to seek advice from other users, as you imply, would it not make it obsolete ?
  5. Since the latest updates on iOs version of the phone application, I cannot include any Revisions or gig extras along with the customized offer to be sent to clients. I did not update my iPad with the latest version because I am scared it will make the situation identical. Here is my Custom Offer menu on my phone : 184060844_262734495583175_1409166999928318403_n828×1792 61 KBAnd here is the screen, I am used to have, currently on my iPad : 183933940_294749972319821_3296684217327078913_n1321×1696 53.8 KBAs you can see, the " Define the Scope " section is entirely gone on the phone application and does not allow me to offer any extras or revisions. 70% of my order flow is going through the Custom Offer section; being able to quickly send offers tailored to the customers need is paramount. Now you would tell me " why don’t you just use your PC or tablet to send an offer ?" Here is the thing : about half of my custom orders are sent DURING THE NIGHT as I usually wake up once or twice (life with kids) and take this opportunity to check Fiverr activity. Due to time differences, many of my clients are contacting me during Japan nighttime. I do not sleep with my tablet and PC next to me and I am used to send custom offers directly from my phone. Then go back to sleep. Can this please be assessed and fixed ?
  6. Such numbers and big individual orders are a pie in the sky dream for me. Well, at least I have fun most of the time with the orders I get. 😄 Well this is definitely not the regular order amount of my activity on Fiverr. Usually it is because of very consequent projects or for entire roles (for the VO part) of animations or video game characters. Yes, the price is great but so too is the pressure to make things great for the client. I personally prefer handling 3 digits orders in the end.
  7. You can use her as inspiration and come up with your own unique ideas to upgrade your profile, and while doing that also revise the mandatory requirements, add more photos, PDF file in your GIG and anything that will help you in your Fiverr work life. Planning is the key. Thanks for the praise Marina 🙏 I do also believe strategic planning is key.
  8. DISCLAIMER : I have completed more than 130 orders and have a 5 stars average on every single Gig of my catalogue. BUT STILL : I believe the current reviews system is inefficient and cannot provide any good insight of a Seller’s capabilities, for buyers to make the decision that will most likely satisfy their needs. Ask yourself this question : Is this fair a 2 stars review from a $5 completed project weighs as much as a 5 stars review from a $1,000 project ? Let’s even add some spice in the equation and say that the $5 project is coming from a new member’s very first order and that the $1,000 project from a VID or Fiverr Business Client. If these two orders are the only ones you have ever completed : your rating will be absolutely demolished anyway, and show an ugly 3.5 average. Good job : you can just delete your account and start over. Because anything below 4.7 is currently a death sentence on Fiverr. And the irony : Fiverr is warning us when our clients are VID or a Fiverr choice : “You should deliver great results !”. Why does that even matter if we are enslaved of the current reviewing system, that makes us fearful to deliver what is expected more than the genuine desire to exceed expectations by doing something we enjoy ? Here is my proposal, that I am convinced would bring more transparency and meaning on every single review we are working towards : - Implement a Global Seller Rate : in forms of letters ( S / A / B / C / D ) This is to me probably one the most efficient way to englobe multiple factors into one unique symbol. I would like to list all the factors that should be accounted to generate the Global Seller Rate, and ultimately replace the current number rating, that is ONLY relying on the average of your total reviews. - Rating should be split into 3 categories : o Average Rating by newcomers / rare buyers ( 5 gig or less bought while service executed ) o Average Rating by frequent buyers ( from 5 gigs or more bought while service executed ) o Average Rating by la crème de la crème → VID or Business Clients Not only this will show a great deal of information of what kind of client a seller is attracting, it also protects him/her from the case scenario I have just explained earlier about the $5 and $1,000 orders. Personally, if I see a promising gig that has a 5 stars review from a VID but a 2 star from a newcomer, the probability for me to give this person a try is DRASTICALLY HIGHER than with the current reviews system. Which is : if I see 3.5 star, I will not even bother clicking on their gig. This should also be calculated with a coefficient, obviously lower to higher from new to important buyers. - Reviews depending on the price of the order: I might create a debate around this one as this is a very “exotic” way of seeing things. But to me, there should be some kind of coefficient applied to every order rating that is either ABOVE or BELOW the average selling price of the seller. Being able to perform a service on a large scale should also be rewarded. Let’s put it this way : Order 1 : $5 → 3 stars review Order 2 : $100 → 5 stars review Technically, the seller produced 20 times the “same service” in Order 2, yet the power of its review is still 1 and 1. To me this is nonsensical. The other way around works exactly the same. If a seller fails on a larger project, this should raise some flags to potential buyers on their ability to handle bigger assessments. - Order completion / On Time Delivery should be included in the Global Seller Rate This is only available to us sellers to see. I believe this is a good thing that it is kept hidden from buyers, as we all have times in our life where things can get hard and justify a hit in these rates. But it should at least be included in the calculation of a Seller’s rate at the end of the day because this matters to buyers, and Fiverr. Business is business, no matter if you are having a hard time or not. These are my recommendations for a fairer, less stressful, and more comprehensive rating system for us sellers, but for buyers too ! Oh, and if I may add something: Can we just remove the Buyer’s review ? This really means nothing, and no one is crazy enough to risk evaluating a buyer with something else but a 5 star. Unless you plan to block the Buyer right away upon reviewing. Are we Sellers going to even have any right to refuse their directly placed order anyway, if their average (that is actually not even available) rating is 1 star ? The answer is no.
  9. I don’t bring my Matcha bowl out of the shelf everyday, only on special occasions or when I had a long / rough / productive day to steam down. image4032×3024 1.42 MB☺️
  10. It was suggested before, and as much as I like the idea, there would be a problem with it: buyers who need advice fast. Some buyers come to the forum only when they need a problem solved; they don’t hang out, often don’t read other topics, and definitely don’t spam or clutter the forum. Plus I’m not sure whether it could be implemented on this forum. I think in that case of emergency, most of the time it shall be solved by CS, if so crucial for their activity.
  11. I think a lot of frustration from people regularly using the forum, to share ideas and help others, could be drastically improved if there was a rule that would not allow anyone post anything in the forum before they at least searched x times in the search bar and/or have at least an hour or two of post reading. Let’s keep it friendly in any case, for me too sometimes it is hard to stay 100% positive when reading some people’s post, or recognizing a rude attitude from their speech. But as mentioned many times by some, picking a fight on the forum is the best way to get yourself burned. Disengaging is the wisest way to protect yourself. And indirectly : keeping the forum more positive.
  12. Hence the title of your post, now I understand. That would be indeed a very concerning issue …
  13. Done it myself just for the sake of trying, and no problem encountered : image832×407 17.3 KBDo you happen to have both identical username and password ? …
  14. When someone engages a Password Reset procedure, in general, yes, that is highly probable he might have forgotten is old password.
  15. Never said once I would. And I’m in translation / voice over :woman_facepalming:t2: Your link is irrelevant as it talks about forex gigs.
  16. I completely agree, I am more focusing on the price per hour ratio, and that is technically applicable for everyone in every industry. If you manage to get 100 clients with 5 dollars projects or 1 client with 500 dollar project, and if the total hour spent is similar : industry does not matter at all. I’m also planning a strategy to obviously not rely exclusively on Fiverr revenues. To make it the lowest % of my activity actually. If I asked this question, it is because it is relevant to my industry, my situation and my potential. And yes : I do also have orders of 1k / 2k+ 🙂 Edit : Happy Birthday Marina !!!
  17. Congrats ! Would it be too much to ask for a yearly breakdown of these $100,000 ? I am also seriously considering quitting my corporate job and go full time free-lancing. The hourly rate is just insane. Hoping to be one those writing such success story someday !
  18. This is the typical pattern of the stats for a level 1 seller. I believe that new sellers managing to get sales are favorized at the beginning of their activity. Then the transition from Level 1 to level 2 is tedious and takes time, as visibility is dropping. This is exactly what happened to me. Just my own thoughts and conviction at that point. Keep it up, try to improve your gigs descriptions, gigs presentation, your profile etc. That’s all you can do.
  19. You shall contact CS asap, sounds to me like this buyer wants to get it done outside of Fiverr, which is against TOS if not absolutely crucial for the realization of your project. This person might be new to the platform ? There are actually 2 chats on Fiverr ( your personal inbox / the order chat ), that can be misleading to brand new users.
  20. Sounds like an utopian quest you’re after ! But that is very generous of you ! We also need to get something done with the “Bro/Dear/Mam” situation… Please save us form this !
  21. Just to help you with the English translation, the word you are after is “share.” “Shear” is what you do to remove the wool from a sheep 🙂 This is fascinating, thank you so much for not only correcting them but also bringing others (me in particular) more knowledge 😂 Me when learning that new word :
  22. I’m using them on a daily basis. The most useful one is for delivery, as it is quite time consuming to write such an important notice. Once your figure out something professional that can fit every clients project, it just saves you a tremendous amount of time. One thing I wish there was though is a way to personalize the {userid} part into something custom, such as, you know, their real name ? ( when given )
  23. Thank you for sharing this ! And yes that’s true, I feel it also applies to microphones : the price gap between very good and fantastic mics is ginormous.
  24. Congratulations ! I hope your portfolio will be live for upcoming epic performances ! On a technical note, which camera do you record with ? I like the quality and would love to have it for my own gigs introduction !
  25. I will order F for a crypto currency e-learning module, with my own Kawaii/Bubbly voice on top of it. 1M views on YT within a week guaranteed.
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