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  1. even if you change your title, as I said if no one searches your service it will be hard to rank. don't change too frequently your gigs. trust me create a gig that stands out. a quick tip: after you update the gig wait for a week and see if there are any changes in gig impressions.
  2. if you are sure of your skill then why do you need to worry about it? and that is why everyone saying master your skills before doing anything
  3. yes. 1. make sure to check your gig impressions, if it is lower than 50 that means no one is searching for that service 2. check if other sellers have orders in your niche 3. make sure your gig is stand out from other sellers 4. master your skills in this niche
  4. non of these answers will not work if there is high competition.
  5. just block him, and do not ever respond to this kind of message 1. scammers will say contact on telegram 2. suspicious links ( weird links that take you to unsafe websites) 3. please email us ( requesting to email) there are more and fiverr will automatically block most of them.
  6. don't change anything yet because your gig receiving a good amount of impressions. be patient
  7. gig ranking is impossible even if you try Because of the high competition in every category. try to stand out from the increased competition.
  8. you can't promote your gigs on the forum
  9. staying online on the forum doesn't help to get orders
  10. you are a level 2 seller and didn't notice this until now. you are amazing you only focus on your orders and didn't even look at your overall rating.
  11. https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/282146-how-to-be-successful-on-fiverr-common-questions-answered-and-a-collection-of-great-posts-that-helped-me-achieve-trs/
  12. I don't know about social media but fiverr has 5.5 million active buyers.
  13. you can add a pdf sample to your gig. you must edit your gig and you will find the option to add a pdf in the gallery section. if you need to add your past client's work samples to your gig you must active your live portfolio.
  14. sharing on social media doesn't help your gigs to get the impression. read the forum article there are many questions and answers to this
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