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  1. Hello there, I want to active 24 hours but it is impossible. For that When I will go bed then Can I use Auto-refresh?? what allows auto-refresh fiverr??? Thanks And Regards Sabuzmia
  2. Hello There, I am a professional photo editor And I already completed 106 order in fiverr. And running month 7 order. I hope I will get more Insaallah. And My best seller gig is here https://www.fiverr.com/sabuzmia0265/do-amazon-ebay-product-white-transparent-background-superfast Please pray for me.
  3. Try for online, send 10 buyer request and make marketing
  4. Ok thanks. If I want only active pc without mobile, then??
  5. Yes, I already did this. But no results...
  6. Hello There I am facing a problem from some days ago. Like this, When I am active in my phone And I search my gig in pc then gig and profile shown offline. And many times I was refreshing pc and phone. I am doing always try for stay online. But no results. It is very bad for my getting order. If anyone face this problem please share me your experience. It will be very helpful for me. I am waiting for best suggestions. Thanks And Regards Sabuzmia
  7. I have already one. But I want together 2. Is it possible
  8. Hello There, I have already one gig promoted from fiverr and I got best results. Now I want to add my one another gig including in promoted option. is it possible? If possible please share me how?? Thanks And Regards Sabuzmia
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