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  1. Yeah, I will try to learn it when I have time. I’m just not very tech savvy in general, hahaha. 😂
  2. Ah, in the audiobook (and most voice act/over) community, it’s actually more or less a given to post edit your own recordings. I mean, you can outsource that or sometimes the company would have their own audio engineer(s), but that is very rare. If you deal with indie publishers/game companies, for example, they would want ready-to-use recording. Personally, I would want to learn it myself too because I can be particular on how I want to sound like, haha. 😂
  3. I’d love to do long narration (audiobooks, etc), but I still need to learn how to post-edit and have the proper room treatment. Also, since I have to turn off my air-conditioner for recording, it would be a sauna by the end of it, lol. 😂
  4. You don’t have to drastically change your voice to become a voice actor. A lot of newcomers think that being a voice actor means having an array of different voices - while in reality it’s more important to know how to act and enunciate properly and just play around with your vocal colors.
  5. The concern with Audacity is that it is really not a DAW in the same sense as Reaper, Logic, Cubase, Reason etc. Audacity does what it does well enough but doesn’t do a lot of the things that Sequencer DAWs do. Reaper is not really that easy to use at all. Not trying to start a war or diss anyone who likes Reaper at all but it is very unintuitive and complex in a techie Excel kinda way. If that is what bothers you then try Reason or Studio One as they are more elegant in workflow (even if that makes them seem less feature-rich on the surface). Bitwig is rather elegant too in its own way, esp for very electronic music. 🙂 I’ll check them out one of these days. Thanks! 😃
  6. I’m used to using Audacity, so when I downloaded Reaper it felt like a struggle to adjust (but I heard RX Elements isn’t compatible with Audacity so yeah). Not really keen on paying for the Adobe Audition license and not really into pirating it as well. I guess if I can’t adjust to Reaper I can always use RX Elements as a stand-alone…?
  7. @mschristina12 Hello Christina, I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but you might want to censor the name of the seller as it is against the forum rules.
  8. I think you can wait for them since I mentioned them here. Not sure if people like a direct message out of the blue. 😂
  9. As per the TOS as well, they are not supposed to cancel based on quality of gigs as long as the gigs were delivered as described on your gig page. Maybe err… @imagination7413 could advise on this? I have faith in their suggestions. 😂
  10. I have no experience yet on Fiverr - but from various accounts I’ve read on the forum, it seems like your buyer may be a scammer. Think of it this way: if they aren’t happy with your first 2 artworks, they wouldn’t compliment them and stay quiet until the last milestone was reached. It was evident they wanted you to keep working until they got all the artworks before cancelling your gig with reasons such as “unsatisfactory results” or “late delivery”. I’m not sure if CS can help as they are quite short-handed at the moment and may take awhile to reply. Perhaps the more knowledgeable members here could advise further.
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