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  1. That would be because outsourcing is not against TOS. And it appears that asking for a tip is not either. I know, I’m just amused at how they ignored it. 🙃
  2. I love how the customer support totally ignored the outsourcing part. 🙃
  3. Returning Buyer is someone who buys from you more than once.
  4. It’s Astrology. 🙃 (20 chars)
  5. I mean, I’m currently a VID but I have a very specific niche and not buying anything at the moment.
  6. Yeah, I will try to learn it when I have time. I’m just not very tech savvy in general, hahaha. 😂
  7. Ah, in the audiobook (and most voice act/over) community, it’s actually more or less a given to post edit your own recordings. I mean, you can outsource that or sometimes the company would have their own audio engineer(s), but that is very rare. If you deal with indie publishers/game companies, for example, they would want ready-to-use recording. Personally, I would want to learn it myself too because I can be particular on how I want to sound like, haha. 😂
  8. I’d love to do long narration (audiobooks, etc), but I still need to learn how to post-edit and have the proper room treatment. Also, since I have to turn off my air-conditioner for recording, it would be a sauna by the end of it, lol. 😂
  9. My games are mostly F2P, though you can definitely spend money to progress faster, haha. I’m into RPG and TCG for mobile games albeit not having played that many games. For non-mobile, I used to play the Castlevania series (they made a CV mobile game too, but it sadly shut down because clearly Konami didn’t know how to manage mobile games).
  10. Oh, mine isn’t that kind of game. 😂 I can’t stand those either. Mine are those grind-until-you-die-unless-you-wanna-gamble-your-stats-with-money games, which doesn’t make them any better - but hey, I like games with community/guild system. 🙃
  11. I’m not very good with modern games, but I watched the Witcher 3 cutscenes and it’s such an entertaining game!
  12. I mostly play mobile games, though I also like some old school side scrollers and recently revisited FF7 because of the remake.
  13. I have recommended someone here, but I certainly cannot recommend someone who: never interacts in the forum (likes and thanks aren’t counted because it doesn’t tell me anything about them and their work ethics)doesn’t have a track record on their profileseems desperate for jobs
  14. Hey there, well noted - will DM you on Fiverr if the project is confirmed. 🙂 And thanks for checking my gigs, but I dislike showing myself in a video so I’ll just take it easy. I do get quite good projects outside Fiverr through personal connection and luck on top of my day job, so I’m happy and grateful. 😉
  15. I can proudly say I earned $0 on Fiverr so far (hey, at least nobody is going to beg me for anything 🙃). @zeus777: I referred you to a friend recently, but sadly I don’t think the project will take off (it’s a fan project) - but if it does (and this is a huge if because the cost may be way over the profit), can I DM you here for queries? Just a courtesy, preemptive measure. 😂
  16. You don’t have to drastically change your voice to become a voice actor. A lot of newcomers think that being a voice actor means having an array of different voices - while in reality it’s more important to know how to act and enunciate properly and just play around with your vocal colors.
  17. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been scammed before as well, but it was off Fiverr and quite a few years back.
  18. From my observation, both old and new sellers need luck to book anything these days. They also need luck to not get involved with scammers. And yet another pinch of luck to not have cancellations/charge backs. There is little wonder why the lucky charm/positive energy gigs are flourishing. 😉
  19. That may not be your intention, but if 10 people who stalked the thread read that reply, they would assume it must be true and bombard the staff with queries. And I’m actually curious. When you said “response”, did you mean they actually solved the issue or give the standard “we apologize for the inconvenience, let us forward your request to the team and get back to you shortly” or “we are sorry to hear that, please DM/PM us for more assistance”?
  20. Thank you! Our team actually goes all out to help customers even when it’s out of our job scope - but the problem is it isn’t like we can expedite anything because it still depends on Customer Support to help them. And yes, I quite dislike how people post their grievances on social media in the hopes of getting a quick response - and then it becomes our job to clean up the mess.
  21. It is sad, really. I work as a social media staff too and they all treat us as customer service. In the end, we really have no choice but to ask them to contact Support. I’d imagine it’s the same with Fiverr.
  22. With all due respect, please don’t ask people to spam the Instagram staff. There are more and more replies from them being “please contact customer service with your query” because in all honesty it is not their job to answer queries. In the end, people create new tickets and it gets even harder for people to get a response.
  23. I understand that you want to converse and mingle with the people here - and there is nothing wrong with that. What @humanissocial and other older members here are tying to say is that this post in general (especially the title) has the potential to create a lot of misunderstanding among people who only possess a basic level of English - and there is a LOT of such people here. This results in unnecessary spams - and I certainly don’t look forward to thread titles such as “still no orders after acquire forum badges why pls help”. I would suggest waiting for a few days before making a post or engaging with the community here to gauge the nuances - at least, that’s what I did.
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