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  1. Hello, I'm a level 2 seller, for one of my GIG called "I will develop ecommerce website wordpress or shopify store", I've just enabled GIG promotion features. Getting more clicks but no sales. For that I would like to join "Seller Plus" But I can't. I don't understand what I did mistakenly on Fiverr. 😭😭 I always appriciate fiverr rules. But unfortunately, my GIG has down. Can you please give me a solution for that? Or please give me a chance to join on fiverr seller plus. So that I can discuss with an experts about my problems. 🙏
  2. Raise your Gig's pricing above the suggested starting price to ensure it is discovered by the widest range of prospective buyers. Our suggested starting price is the lowest price to reflect quality service in this category, and can be found on the Gig edit page. I don't know what I have to do for that? Will change the start price and make it higher or something else?
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