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  1. Yes, I know about that. Thanks for response to me. But my question is - Can I change the gig price without lost my gig rank?
  2. Recently I got “promotional gig” facilities for my account. Now If I change the price of my gig. Then will it lost the gig rank?
  3. Recently I have changed my home. In my permanent house, I’m using a WIFI shared IP. Till now I didn’t get any issues with this WIFI. Now I have been shift my another home. There is also available shared IP wifi. If I use this WIFI for browsing my account. Is it harmful to my account? Or can I use this WIFI?
  4. On Dec 15 I become a level 1 seller. at this time my gig impression and click impression have been getting down. now what I have to do?
  5. Hi there, can I promote my gigs via youtube marketing? and Are there any Fiverr rules about it?
  6. A canadian buyer want to build a website with very few budget. And I was agree with that. But He don’t want to share with me website access. I told him that I need site access but he don’t want to do that. At this time he said to me I am dishonour, I have been wasting time of him. Please tell me what I have to do? 😭
  7. Hello, recently My buyer gives me 3.7 stars. And I have done total 7 works & 6 works with 5.0 and another one is 3.7. Is there any way to increase gig rating? Fir increasing, how many work i have to done with 5.0?
  8. In the phone app Fiverr showing to me the next level requirement is to complete 10 orders. And I have complete 7 Orders. But my order completion rate is 75%. And I have also 4 orders. Is there any possibility to increase almost 90% completion rate?
  9. Recently I got a order. After get this order my gig impressions and click totally get down. What I have to do now?
  10. Hi there, I’m akm dolar a professional web designer & developer. Recently I have done 5 order’s within $400+. And also my order completion rate is 60%. Am I able to be level 1 seller? Let me know, If you have enough Knowledge with it. ❤️ Happy_fiverr_experience
  11. Hi there, I want to customize my GIG. If I edit my GIG. Is there any problem with my GIG? and will be getting down my gig impression?
  12. Can you please tell me why showing away in buyer active status & what the meaning of it?
  13. Hi there, I’m AKM Dolar. I hope you are doing well. I’m a full-stack web designer. And now I’m new to Fiverr. So I don’t to about some Fiverr restrictions like Can I add my portfolio website on my gig description or can I share my portfolio website with buyers in a chat section? Please tell me your opinion. Thanks
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