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  1. Just share your gig link all social media
  2. you just go fiverr support also select why my gig denied . you just tell before my gig search first page right now I can’t find it what do I do now give me solution ASAP thanks a lot
  3. You at first go to support link and click why denied my gig tell somethin about your problem then you submit , I think support as soon as possible solved this problem
  4. Exact you just delete your all previous gig . and open a new gig I hope as soon as possible get order
  5. Sure he can get all fund if fund clearance
  6. I make my all gig image canva tools
  7. I love this topic really help for me thanks a lot
  8. Welcome to fiverr forum dear friend , I’m also really like too much sports @mikeengineering
  9. You just share your gig link all social media and also lots of time spent fiverr forum to rank your gig automatically . I hope you get huge order.
  10. Yes we are sure. And you know why? Firstly you have a green line on top of your order saying that your order will be autocompleted in 3 days and secondly because we read fiverr rules. But I see that you obviously ignored the advice that I gave about reading rules if you are still even asking “are you sure”. Pfff. After auto accept order then any bad effect my gig ?
  11. Are you sure here i’m new so i have no before experience . thanks
  12. Thanks for give me suggest here i’m new otherwise i have face any problem about this order ?
  13. Order complete I gave delivered but the client didn’t any response. now what can I do
  14. My gig don’t show online what should i do now ?
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