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  1. My performance should never be based on buyer behavior. I had a buyer who didn't respond for weeks and after I finally sent him the final order, he replied to me, but let the three days run out. This is silly. This encourages regurgitated work rather than custom, tailor-made products. Why would I tell a buyer it will take 21 days when I really only have 20? I'm encouraged to add extra days just to make it seem like I delivered early.
  2. I received a message that was clearly spam. Marked it within the hour as spam, no big deal. Fiverr says it doesn't count towards response rate. Next day, response rate falls. I check the forums, which say to unblock, reply, then mark as spam again. Next day, response rate falls further. My level is demoted. I contact Fiverr, who say that since I didn't mark it as spam within the first 24 hours, it affected my response rate. I replied saying that I did, in fact, mark it as spam within the first 24 hours, but that it was counting it against my response rate so I checked for a solution on the forums. After several messages back and forth, I eventually got everything restored, but not after being berated in each message about how I should always be sure to mark things as spam within the first 24 hours (even though that's exactly what I did) and to not follow advice on the forums without checking in with Fiverr support first. So. My lesson learned? Respond, even if it is spam, and then mark it as spam.
  3. How great would it be if it reflected in my stats?! Order Completion: 102%
  4. Hmm... does this mean Fiverr owes me an order? 🤣🤣
  5. Sorry, what are you talking about? The original problem here was that the buyer asked for a revision and never informed me as to what they needed to be revised. Therefore, I could not complete the revision until they responded. The order had already been delivered "on time". Please be sure to read and understand posts before commenting.
  6. I'm betting CS would not be nearly as "neutral" if I left an order in revision forever and a buyer was asking about it. Especially since we already have to wait half a month after the buyer accepts delivery to begin with. I should have been paid and had the money in my account already. ---- Update: The buyer finally responded. Apparently there was a death in his family. Seems like a convenient excuse, but I have nothing to prove otherwise. The buyer simply said to redeliver. Of course, he's still not provided a review, so it seems I will have to wait out the three days before having to wait out the withdrawal period. I am never working with this buyer again.
  7. By far, this is the worst experience I've had on Fiverr. CS finally contacted the buyer after telling me to wait several days, who then contacted telling me he'd send the details the next day. Here we are, 4 days later, and nothing. I sent him another reminder yesterday. Messaged CS again today. It's ridiculous. There should be something in place for this level of unresponsiveness. If he hadn't submitted anything over three days, it would have been marked as complete. Here we are, 16 days after his revision request, and I still have nothing. CS's stance is that I need to maintain professionalism and continue trying to resolve the situation amicably with someone who doesn't respond because their stance is to remain "neutral" in all situations. That, or I can cancel the order myself, foregoing payment and getting a cancellation. So glad they have my back. What would happen, I wonder, if the buyer died during this time? Just leave it in revision indefinitely, a few hundred dollars floating around and a permanent LATE status on my screen.
  8. CS says to just leave the order in revision indefinitely. Great. Love working for free. And that was CS's term, by the way. Indefinitely.
  9. I had a buyer request a revision, but said he needed some time to get the details. I usually deliver a lengthy product, so it's not unusual for buyers to request some time to go over it... however, it's been a week now and I haven't heard back despite asking for an update. What can I do?
  10. Just a rant to vent about being reminded to view order requirements when I already did. Apparently checking on mobile doesn't count; only on PC. Even still, though. I already get a notification that the buyer submitted requirements; I don't need another. I also have a long message history both before and after the order was placed. I'm pretty sure I know what the requirements are, thanks. Like, this is probably a great feature for newbies, but maybe lay off if the seller has no warnings over the last 90 days or whatever? My requirements are mostly there just to formalize what was gone over in chat anyway, so I don't have to scroll back through dozens of messages when I'm in the middle of their order and need to check something. ...and also for those buyers who impulse buy instead of contacting first. </rant> 🙃
  11. I've given up on CS asking me to jump through their canned responses. It's not affecting my gig; I just turned off limiting my queue. It still shows I have 2 orders, but I definitely only have one, so I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. I'm going to take a stab and guess the client pressed Back or Refresh during the order process and Fiverr's system counted it as two orders. We'll see what happens upon delivery! For the message, it was from that customer on the order page, so it wasn't spam. Turns out he triggered the TOS with some of his language. Turned out to be entirely innocent, but his messages must have needed a manual review because they appeared about an hour later. Really feel like notifications shouldn't be allowed to appear until the message actually lands in your inbox, but oh well. Now I know.
  12. The mystery deepens. I now have a message from my client that appears in Notifications, but when I click on it, it takes me to the chat... without the message. I can't read his full message, so I don't know how to reply to it. I wonder if the order was somehow duplicated in Fiverr's systems? In any case, my client is now waiting for a reply to a message I can't read. I've never had these issues before! 😞
  13. Yeah, it's not getting much better. Was just asked if I use a Firewall.
  14. Here ya go: It's enabled and it most definitely isn't 1. You also completely misread the issue. I have one order at the moment. My dashboard says I have two. Clearly a bug.
  15. I sent a message in reporting a bug. I have one order in my queue, but my dashboard says I'm overbooked and have two orders. My gig was fine, though, so no big deal; it's just a dashboard bug, so I reported it. Instead of what I expected, I got a long, scathing rebuke about how I have way too many orders in my queue and that it could lead to cancellations; that my account could be dropped from good standing if I don't focus on getting through my active orders; and that my gig could likely be dropped in search results for having too many orders in my queue. I. Have. One. Order. I don't understand, and I really didn't appreciate the scathing tone I received from support when I was trying to be helpful reporting a bug. 😞
  16. Nope. Customer service insists I have a user I didn’t reply to. I don’t have a message from that user in my Inbox, Spam, or Archives. My response time is still 1 hour, so it has to be a bug. I don’t know what to do. How do I reply to messages that aren’t there?
  17. No, worst-case is I lose Level One status. Hardly fair for something I have been careful to monitor.
  18. The most recent message there was from 3 months ago. I unmarked it as spam like you said, but it says, “[user] can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.”
  19. I have responded to every message and have a response time of 1 hour, yet now I find in my analytics that I’ve dropped to a 75% Response Rate and have a warning that I will lose Level 1 status in less than a week if I don’t bring it back up. I don’t understand how it dropped to 75%; I’ve responded to every message in my inbox: image264×829 34 KB
  20. Arrrrgggg, don’t let that take away your sleep. I’ve seen my response time go up to 8 hours, due to sellers spamming me while I’m asleep, and it hasn’t affected buyers contacting me or placing orders. No worries. My gig is pretty niche. As you can see, I get less than 10 responses over 60 days, so even if they all came in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t be seriously impacted. 😉
  21. Nevermind; I’m an idiot. Most recent message came in the day of a funeral and I didn’t respond til the next day. A few of the others were from repeat buyers, not new buyers, so those times wouldn’t count. So, the average is being pulled up by that one funeral message. Ugh. Gotta hit buyers with instant responses to bring that back down…
  22. My response time has jumped up to 5 hours from 1. I went back and checked every message in the past 60 days that are the first response to a new inbox message from a new Buyer. The times are 3, 6, 8, 18, 2, and 2 minutes. I have no unread messages in Spam. How does that equate to a response time of 5 hours?
  23. You’ll need to do something along the lines of “up to 1/3/5 hours of support” and then charge for additional hours as a gig extra. That being said, you’re going to get buyers who buy your basic “up to 1 hour” of support and try to ask you to do a task that’s impossible in that timeframe. You may need to rethink how you would approach your support. Maybe offer a 10-20 minute consultation at a flat rate and then go from there.
  24. As long as you sent the original delivery before the deadline, your order is considered to be delivered “on time”, even if the revisions put you past the original deadline.
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