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  1. Because some of the seller they don't know what is fiverr and how it's work. They just heard form others that from fiverr peoples earning money. They just open account and after half hour they will post in a group... I open my account on fiverr it's been half hour but I didn't receive any order. LOL🤪
  2. I didn't receive promote fiverr gig features. What is the requirements for this features?
  3. This is hilarious. I don't have any words.
  4. You should not consider the first sale as a sale. When clients come back for your services, that's what you call real sales. Congratulation Brother. Good Luck.
  5. Congratulation on you success. Kindly make sure to be specific when you asking help on this community.
  6. I'm using auto refresh tools since 2019 and I don't have problem at all. but I like your opinion. Truly thanks.
  7. Thanks for your clarification. I highly appreciated your response.
  8. Congratulation Mr. Grand Smash Master. Could you please explain me how this badge will help you in your fiverr account? What's the benefit of this badge?
  9. Guys, You can use auto refresh and this is officially confirmed. If you get TOS violation warning you must did something wrong. Check your email and they explain well why you get this warning. Kindly, don't spread the wrong message. Always spoke with any support agent and they will clarify your question. Peach
  10. And, this is what will happens when you believe on rumors without knowing from official sources.
  11. It's not possible by physically but indeed you can keep you profile online 24 hours using some tools. But at the end, what if some one message you and, you are sleeping but your profile is active? Make sense ?
  12. Doesn't meter as long as you are offering great quality of service. But in some point of view if you stay active so buyer can find you easily by filtering online seller search. If you are lucky enough you will win the job. Best of luck
  13. Thank you so much for your helpful guideline. I'll try to avoid my mistakes.
  14. I am always curious to know how to impress my clients at the first meeting. The most important thing in this digital era is to be able to communicate well. How do you respond to a new client's message? We can boost our sales by approaching in the right way. Following attachment is a simple example how I response my client. Even though I can reply him with straight forward answer YES or NO. But I don't do that. I hope you have all had a wonderful month of October
  15. May Allah give you much more success. Wish you best of luck.
  16. How about your gig impressions? Are they behaving well? Look at my last 30 days report. If you are not getting click on your gig that's mean there is something wrong with your gig.
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