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  1. Wow, Thank you. Unfortunately I couldn’t but I got my Off day on Sunday. Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate.
  2. Look over the other seller gig’s and try to figure out how they are offering their services.
  3. To getting a place in Fiverr marketplace it’s took time and efforts. Don’t be frustrate, stay concentrated and try to develop your skill everyday.
  4. Hello, Beautiful peoples. Hope everything is all right. Today is a beautiful day for me, It’s my 1st Marriage Anniversary. But this day I’m working so far. What if it will be your anniversary? What do you suppose to do? Have fun guys. Take care.
  5. Hello, @enunciator Thank you so much for contributing in my topic. Your comment is explaining everything like crystal. You are right that Many Thanks
  6. Thanks brother, I understand You are always welcome. Best of luck.
  7. My brother. You are always able to customize profile like changing or updating you skills and etc. But when a buyer post a request they select category and subcategory and if you have any gig form the following category you will have chance to see the request. For no level seller it’s very hard to receive buyer request and there is limitations. But from level 1 to Top Rated seller they can see always buyer request even older and older one. See the attachment image1313×758 68.6 KB
  8. You too…! Welcome to the Fiverr Community and Forum
  9. Yes! You are right. Later on I realize. Thanks for you amazing response. It will clarify everyone.
  10. @dataentryarmy It’s a glitch from a long time. They are trying to fix this issue. Buyer request come mainly from the gig category or the type of service you are providing.
  11. Today I’ll share with you my personal experience and Fiverr already mentions that earlier. in this post Adding a Video to Your Gig If you add a video to your gig then, buyers will trust and know you more. And It’s proven people engage with video more than anything else Look at the message (Attachment) from my client. So now you believe a video can change your entire experience. Thanks for understanding. #fiverr-Tips
  12. @theratypist there is so many gig and they are fiverr choice. and they are using the same keyword. For them no problem but I don’t know how things work sometime.
  13. It’s so hurt-breaking, The same thing happens to me too last year. This was my best-selling gig. If any gig removed or denied you will never get it back for sure. I talk to Fiverr Customer Support also. image1269×676 65.4 KBBut you may do another request to the customer support to re-review your gig. They will definitely do it image737×324 21.6 KB
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