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  1. Yes I know This system. But Fiver needs to notify me ,my client coment on this or else how can i understand my client comment men When i am not in front of my laptop.
  2. When My client comment on my sample image I didn’t get any notification on my mobile. But other messages are okay, get regular notifications. This happened continuously I think it’s a bug on Fiverr. Is it only my problem or for all ?
  3. First of all Thanks you so much . image771×409 49.3 KBIf you don’t mind ,could you please tell me how you get this ?
  4. Not yet. But I want to try that’s why I ask you about your experience. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.❤️
  5. How was your experience with promoting the gig? Share your experience with us Please We really want to know about your experience.😃
  6. Yes, it is a bug. Many sellers are seeing it, but their gigs are still active. thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  7. Hello why this happend ?/ I already fill up this and also i am not a usa person . So why they show this ?? Is it bug ??
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